Fast-paced world, impatient people

    Accelerated world, impatient people


    The people (not all) can not wait to pedestrian crossing, in the shops to till etc. Somethimes I see in shops that some people just step into the shop and going straightaway to till and tell to the shop person "give me a pack of cigarette" and dropping the money to  counter and turn and getting out from the shop. These guys don't say hi, bye, thanks. Or sorry, because the shop is full with costumers and some people always waiting front of the tills.

    Other. Pedestrian crossings. Many times see that people crossing on the road with children, but the signal is red. Or just alone, but the road full with cars. If just for 2-3 seconds "long time" don't come cars, the pedestrians crossing the road, but the signal is red.

    If the road, street is quiet, then for the people unknown phenomenon the traffic lamp. Night time always.


    One times I tried it night time in the big cross here in this big city where I live:

    Big cross, like a high road cross. Friday night. Very quiet the street, no cars. Pedestrian zone is full with people. Signal changing to red. I stop and wait front of the road. All the people cross the road do not see the red light. Some head of people turn back and watch me and I read from them face, that them think that "this guy stupid, crazy, sick, not normal".

    I was try this situation more few times and the reaction always was same.

    In this age the people can get and use faster and faster equipments, devices to achive the goals. Faster car, train, aircraft. 100 years ago a train's max. speed was maybe 40-50 km/hour. Now over 200 km/hour.

    100 years ago the people was happy and them enjoyed the trip, journey. Now everybody just watching the watch and ask the train gaide, when we arrive?

    What coming after 100 years?

    This? Give me my pack of cigarette or I kill you! (?)





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    Yup. That sounds like life around here. Drivers won't wait for you to change lanes if someone is stalled in front of you ; or if your lane is cutting off, and you have to merge, they won't let you .
    People in stores and restuarants walk right into you. One man got right in front of me in line last week.

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    It seems to me that some of the problem has been all the "gimme programs" that have evolved since World War II.  So many people have become accustomed to the government handout programs that they now feel entitled to be supported.  Some of these programs are nearly 70 years old, so we have multiple generations adopting the attitude.  
    Gang mentalities and "baby mamas" contribute to disrespect everywhere.  WHY customer service people are so ungracious nowadays is a constant source of irritation to me.  I've been a customer for YEARS and remember courteous, conscientious service (which I always provided when I had C.S. jobs).  
    As for people barreling out in front of my car, they take their lives into their own hands, and should be VERRRRY careful. My brakes don't work THAT well. 


    ...but this is a special problem.

    Yes, it is specific, but the sense of entitlement and "I want it now" mentality that has been implanted from the Baby Boomers forward has contributed to the problems that you have enumerated. People too often feel "the rules" do not apply to them, only others. Who in his right mind would think "please", "thank you", or "I'm sorry" is useful in the world we raise our children in today? (Oh, right, ME)

    People are also becoming manner-less. An insincere "Have a nice day" seems to have replaced "Please" and "Thank you". Even when someone is texting and almost knocks a person off their feet while both are walking, you won't hear "Oh, I'm sorry". It somehow seems to be un-cool now, to be polite.

    More likely the attitude is "I'm more important....get out of my way"!


    Ducky - so very true - that is just how it is - you only have to look at their body language when they say "Have a nice day" to see how meaningless it is. A smile is so good - says so much and you can see how sincere it for example. Yes of course it is Me first, me first and more of me.

    and the young cashiers say "Have a nice day " ..... at night! and I tell them " Have a nice night " or evening, but they don't get it.

    Here, they're starting to say, "Enjoy the rest of your day". :)

    mycatsmom - no they wouldn't you are lucky if they are listening.

    Ducky - when they say this - they are probably thinking of the rest of their day! HUH

    I am not the most patient person in the world but, I say thank you, please, I’m sorry and I mean it…….

    I tend to cross the road when there is absolutely "NO traffic", not when a little green man or red man tells me,my bad eyesight demands this, as for the service (or lack of it) in stores I find that the Bigger City you live in the worse it gets,especially in the UK.

    Common courtesy and good manners cost nowt!

    Good question BTW.


    Ok. But the the people can not wait. Psychologically. Can not wait for two minutes. 120 seconds. One day is 86400 seconds. 120 seconds is two minutes. It is not too much.
    If somebody can not wait for two minutes, that is problem. Impatience and maybe intolerance.

    Hey! This is a general problem, not just here. EVERYWHERE. Here in UK the peole are peaceful. Just have some different. Maybe they are not english...

    The World is globalizing. Not only economically...
    Where come from the moral destruction?...

    Other. UK is home of the conservatism. Moral conservatism. For example puritanism.

    Not where I'm from mate.
    Most people are in a rush to get "somewhere", sad but true.
    Chill out, don't let it worry you too much.

    It is not anxiety or fear.
    But, do not dream above the real. What is true, that is coming.


    nogradiremete - cannot believe you think people in the UK are peaceful - Certainly not much peace around me whatever the Nationality - that is in London - I am always amazed why people want to be here of course I am not ofey with the economic reasons - do not think nationality has anything to do with the chaotic feel - What I do know students at London University be they English or any other nationality became addicted to London - must say interesting City was then anyway and I am sure still is if you do not drive through without looking.

    NDM - You are so right - perhaps I won't answer all of this question - we have discussed supermarkets before. With regard to the road I cross when it is clear not even sure you can rely on the green/red light man either - he has probably joined forces with the rest of the world. The world in my opinion  totally lost it - everyone thinking how civilised they are not for me - no community spirit anymore - the guys in their thirties no time, always like they have one foot on a Jumbo Jet about to take off. I realize there are many pressures - but cannot figure it out totally. All this technology so "cool" yet communication as far as I can see has never been worse. Civilization to me is a roof over your head, your family if you have, food, your pets - just having these things alone would of course mean being in the country or somewhere remote - quite often people from outside of all this mayheim are thought to be uncivilized. I was crazy busy but always had time for people - not keen on these people now. wow I am getting old. 


    City life?

    ROMOS - yeap and the rest.

    I would love to stop and answer your question in depth, but don't have the time.Things to do.


    LOL, no patients? Impatient to get somewhere or get things done? Tongue in cheek answer? ;)

    nogradiremete I need you to use "comment this answer" when you reply to a person so I do not have to move your comment to where it belongs ;)


    Pythonlover , you need to fix and answer the question properly, but you have no enough time?

    The traffic lamp is green.

    Let's go.

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