what is really this akaQA stuff and what fun is it?

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    It’s a great deal of fun! Stuff to be learned and shared from people all over the world! Make friends here………….

    akaQA is a general question and answer site. Volunteers from around the world help to answer questions.The fun part is helping people.


    etc,etc,and getting Obama impeaced,

    'Fun' is suggestive of a game site, we are not a game site. akaQA is a 'you ask--we answer' site. Like Google but with real people.  a personal live approach to a search engine. Everyone here contributes their experiences, their knowledge in formulating answers.

    If I were to say 'what fun is it' i would say that the fun is in helping others. Fun is satisfaction.  


    I really like your answer! Fun is satisfaction!

    Vinny, once again you are right on target. It's very true that we are NOT a game site. : )


     ore oseni, It gives you something to do . You get to know the regualar participants on here, and it becomes kinda like a club,or a family . And it can go a long ways in mitigating loneliness. You get to help people with their questions, if you have experience in that field. Or you can find their answer on Google for them and put the link on here.

    I like it here. I can write my questions anytime of the day and night. I know the "voices" of the regular people. I ask questions I wouldn't ask my relatives or "real" people. Sometimes I answer a question but usually I ASK them. The people here, for the most part, are very kind ... and even SMART!  : )

    Like everyone is saying, it's a general question and answer forum.  No one is an expert, but we have lots of opinions, and a desire to help people find out what time it is in Bangladesh, how to play a ukelele, and where the transmission fluid goes in a 1953 Edsel.  There's NOTHING we can't do here. 
    Fun?  I enjoy perusing the different questions, offering my opinions and reading others', making jokes with members, and finding myself caring quite a bit for most of them! 
    If you have some time, wander around and check it out.  You might end up being a "top contributor".  :D

    Give it a try ,you will almost certainly enjoy it.

     HI  ore oseni,,providing you don't get into arguments with people,,you can end up with a lot of acquaintances ,,,nice chatting mate,,i am from Aussie,where you from,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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