What do you drink now?

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    nogradiremete, what do you drink ?

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    Now, I only drink Sprite, or Sierra Mist,.Pepsi,water or milk. I used to drink tea, but got out of the habit. Once in a while.......drink coffee. When I went thru my partying stages, in my 20s and 30s, experimented with different  mixed drinks to find out which ones I liked best. Never was a hard or heavy drinker. I don't like to throw-up, or   lose control of my faculties. (sp)


    Thank you,nograd ♥ ♥

    nescafe blend 43 bean, no alcohol for 30 years,,,not my loss ,,your gain,if you met me when i am drunk,,you would remember the meeting,,,however 30 years sober,i am sure we would get along fine,,,all the best mate,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


    I commend you, Terry
    country bumpkin

    30 years sober how wonderful for you! I wish my little cousin (he's 23) would stop drinking. He can go for days without a drop of alcohol, but when he does drink he can't stop at just one or two. 6 months ago he was driving drunk in his 2 day old pickup and when the police tried to pull him over he jumped from his truck to run and hide. His truck ended up jumping two curbs and crashed into the local Denny's restaurant. Denny's is opened 24 hours a day, but on this particular day it was closed due to renovations. He is out on bail waiting to be sentenced to prison and he has refrained from drinking alcohol (as far as I know) up until this past Friday night when he got drunk and his pregnant girlfriend's step father shot him in the chest with a 22. He was air lifted to Houston, Texas and is now hanging out in ICU. He is one lucky man because he will survive. Maybe this last incident="seeing his life flash in front of his eyes" will finally sober him up for good.
    terryfossil 1

    hi CB,,sorry to hear about your cousin,,there are different levels and types of alcoholism,i stopped drinking at age 33,i had come close to death many times,that did not stop me from drinking,i stopped when i found a reason for living,at 23 i was living under bridges and in parks,i hope your cousin does not have to get that low,,there is help out there for him,But he has to ask,and he has to believe he has a problem with booze,all the best to you and scotty,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    country bumpkin

    Same to you and have a nice New Year.

    Water, hot tea, soda, very little alcohol or juices.  

    Water, tea, peppermint tea, almond milk, rice milk, soy milk, and an occasional glass of wine. 


    Cheers to a glass of milk! LOL!!

    I had way too much almond milk mixed with coffee. I started drinking about 4 AM because I wanted to stay up and watch TV. It worked BUT now I can't go shopping because I have to hop to the pot way too often.
    I have a "Thing" about coffee. Is Almond Milk a healthful choice?

    They all are, with the exception of the wine (and some would argue that point, I'm sure.) :)

    I'll have a pint with you, if you passing through Essex. Well, if your paying.



    Irish coffe?

    No, Maxwell house french roast :) I do not drink alcohol.




    That is your loss. Maxwell huse french toast? wow! Good looking!

    Did you try Dallmayr? Very good coffee. It is german.

    No, it's my gain. No suffering from hangovers. Besides, I do not like the taste of any of it. I don't like green beans either so I do not eat them.

    I have never tried Dallmayr.

    Cream and sugar in your coffee?

    I start with coffee, then water, and end with beer………..

    Coffee & Coke.(That's the cola kind).

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