How can I move on? Even we didn't see each other for 2yrs... I just can forget her.....

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    And tomorrow is the a wedding of our friends loyd lee and shamcy, She is invited too... How on earth I don't have a courage or a little guts! maybe to see her... I am really that jealous to a man.. She used to date right now.. This will be the 3rd time I will miss a chance to see her... I never felt so scared in my life like this before... How can I win her back if I don't have the wealth she ever dream off...

    I see you've added to your question. You surely don't believe that wealth is the only attribute that will attract someone!? How old are you?

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    Two years? It's time to create a new life. Join a group to which you have never belonged. Try a new hobby. Join a gym. Take up a new sport. Try an art class. Take up jogging. Read a book. Change jobs. Move to another city. Visit a city that you've never seen. Plan an exciting trip. Take up a volunteer job or two. Oh, and every time you start dwelling on the past, slap yourself!!!


    You are right... but the thing is I've try all those things... go to a gym, boxing for 6months chat, play online games, tour.. Studying! I had enough of it already.. I took up BSME, and lastly BSN.

    Computers and online games will not help you to socialize in your "real life". Keep doing new things (away from the computer)until you find something that is satisfying. You have tried ONE of my suggestions. Try some more.
    What are BSME and BSN?

    You said it all, Ducky.

    My gut instinct tells me you have created her as "perfect" in your own mind, and have forgotten flaws or personality glitches.  Sit yourself down and get tough while you remember the times you spent together.  Frankly, if you don't have the "wealth" you say she needs, getting over the greedy wench should be a little easier.  If she sells out for money, well, there are a lot of names for a woman like that, none of them complimentary.  

    Ching, I know it's very tough to get your heart broken.And it's nerve wracking to go to a social event where she might at a wedding.......b/c you're afraid of seeing her talking to other guys and dancing with other guys. Maybe if you act aloof and act like she's not there, she will notice  you. Try not to look at her too much.

    what was this girl to you .....i hate when people say move on did you even get the chance to really move towardsit cuz it sounds like this is your me i know very much so i ached

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