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    i have been called in to a contract mob for work twice,both times i was given a job which i accepted happily,,by the time i arrive home ,i get a phone call,,and they say ,,sorry change of plans,,they do not need anyone,,,they will not say so ,,but do you think being 62 years old played a part,,,,,,,

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    I think that may well be the case Terry, they are not supposed to discriminate, but I think they do. I am 67 in a few days, I have a part time job, which I enjoy,as it is in the same business which I have always been in, just a much easier job. I notice some of the remarks that I get sometimes, makes you think . I find I have to make sure that I don't make any mistakes, because some people will use anything as an excuse to get rid of you, when it's really age .

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    thanks sunny,,i guess i knew that,,,so maybe i should just shoot the ones who sacked me from my last job,,have a nice day,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Be careful what you say Terry, even in jest, Big Brother are always checking these sites.:)
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    yeah i know bulletman,silly thing to say,,the anger is not as bad as it was,,at my age i guess it will be with me till i am gone,,the thing that bothers me the most,,in my employment separation certificate,the reason they put for dismissing me was (other) thats not a reason...anyway i rave on,,sorry to unload on you,,but seeing as you are around my age group,i figured you would get it ,,nice talking to you mate,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    We have a Wendy's restaurant near us with a 93 yr. old lady who does some light cleaning, and some prep work.  They like her better than most half her age.  She is glad to be there, has a good attitude, and works harder than most of the young kids.  She also greets customers with a smile and chats with them as she sweeps.  Nice to see Wendy's hiring the aged population. 

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