Can we text our son in Australia from Fresno, California? Does it cost a lot? Our e-mail and Skype aren't working yet. : (

    Our computer problems always come at the worst times. We will celebrate New Year's with him but still ...

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    Check with your server S.

    Have you ever thought of getting him to open an account on akaQA?


    I have to check an see what I've said before he comes here. He was big into Face Book but he might do a little bit. He's funny and would fit right in. He thinks I'm unsociable cuz I won't do FB.
    I'll have my man check with the server. I don't do that. They scare me.
    You're right with it, ROMOS.

    I'm no whiz kid itsmee so I can't say for sure.But.when my daughter & son in law were in China we texted back & forth daily.I never noticed any significant change in my cell phone account.

    I'll try it in the AM. We have a terrible phone for texting. I wish I had e-mail or Skype. Life was so good before we got new equipment.

    itsmee, you might check with your carrier to see what charges, if any, would apply to text messaging.  My plan has unlimited mobile - mobile, and unlimited text. My son texts over 8000 messages per month. I know, surprised he has time for anything else. 


    Wow! 8000 texts! I have a lousy phone. Texting is BIG JOB for me and I don't even like it. My daughter insisted that I get one "I don't even know anybody who uses email," she said.
    How are you doing out your way. I went shopping and bought lots of make up ~ love make up. I think it helps. "Why do you need all that stuff?" said my man. That was a good comment, I guess.
    We missed two of his calls today and this evening. We can't reach him. I'm broken <3

    Hang in there. You'll connect.
    Be happy you woke up this morning and your husband is a good man!
    ENJOY THE DAY! It isn't about feeling sorry for ourselves. It's for rejoicing. I'm working on that aspect, too. :( Let's get our heads out of our XXXes and smell the coffee. (and cookies)

    I'm not so sorry for myself as I am sorry for my kid. His daughter is in Florida for first year of college. His wife went to Florida to be with their daughter and her mother and dad. Son doesn't really know anybody in Australia yet.
    "ENJOY THE DAY" feels a little flat. It's impossible till I hear from him. I want to know he's ok. I'm glad you're perky and cooking smelling. Keep it up. : )

    That makes sense. It's got to be hard to know your son is by himself on a special day. I hope you connected with him!

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