what is the safety officer job description in construction site

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    The construction safety officer is responsible for adopting and implementing the company's health and safety program. Part of this duty is to ensure that the program complies with Occupational Safety and Health Administration and American National Standards Institute regulations, which are published by the local and federal government. These regulations and programs cover areas including attire and proper signs.


    Construction safety officers also identify health and safety concerns that apply to each construction site. If someone brings a concern to the attention of the construction safety officer, the officer must investigate it and then administer the proper procedure to correct the concern.



    A company must maintain the proper documents, standing operating procedures and manuals required by the local, state and federal governments. The construction safety officer audits the documents and ensures that the items are up to date and in order.

    Construction safety officers communicate with the government, company management and workers about the required health and safety rules and regulations. This communication occurs on the job site and elsewhere.

    Workers' Compensation

    The construction safety officer must report any on-the-job accident or safety violation to the proper authorities, including instances involving workers' compensation. When an employee of the company is injured on the job, the construction safety officer will investigate the accident and handle any workers' compensation claims.


    Construction safety officers teach new construction workers and current employees proper safety and health procedures. Companies require the construction safety officer to conduct annual employee training sessions to update workers on safety procedures and responsibilities, as well as the importance of reporting a safety concern or injury.


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