What was happening in your life when you heard about 911?

    I was all dressed for an aerobics class. I went and we all listened and exercised and paid no attention to what was happening in our life.   We were in shock, of course. The truth came later. 

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    Shock! It was very early morning when we got the news here.Our daughter was in America at the time.We tried to phone her immediately.It took us over 12 hours of anguish to get thru.It was only luck & a coincidental change to her husband's work plans that kept her away from New York that week.We demanded she come home "AT ONCE".We had to "SEE" her.She complied although it took a few days to arrange a flight out of the U.S. I have never held one of my girls so tight when she arrived here.


    OMG ... I understand.
    Glad its ok for you and so sorry for what it did to all of us.

    Sadness, great sadness. Mouring for strangers and learning about myself.............


    The eyes of strangers who walk along the Pacific that evening all looked burned out ... Can't explain it right. I know you know.

    Nothing much was happening for me back then (long story), I was in a bar I frequented frequently, saw it all happening live on TV, so sad, but here in the UK we have been used to these kind of atrocities for decades, if not longer,I will remember it for the rest of my life.

    It was afternoon here, and my oldest son phoned me to tell me. I didn't believe him at first , it was awful , I felt sad for the people who lost their lives and their families. There were a lot of courageous people that day as well, there always are when something bad happens.

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