tv wont come on just a green light flashing

    cant get my tv to cone on

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    Unplug it for 10 minutes then plug it in again. See if that solves the flashing green light issue. 

    You can try what I usualy do when I find a T.V. on the side of the road that someone else gave up on...BEAT ON IT!...Put it in the trunk of your car and take it down a bumpy road...IF doing what Colleen suggested does'nt work. If the set is a bit older and has been subjected to a variety of different conditions such as: humidity, cold, heat, etc...the solder spots that connect all the components, which are mounted to a board that could,and usualy does, over time...warps and loses its connection...try plugging it in...turn on the power...hit the righ LOWER corner of the the screen as you do this...if it flickers but does NOT come on, try hitting it on the other side using the same prosses. Somtimes it might take a few tries. If that doesnt get you anywhere...try either using a universal remote,or the original remote or push and hold the power button while beating on the set...WELL...I just gave you EVERY possible way to turn it on without having to take it apart and risk your safetey...Good Luck & let me know how it goes! Oh...If Colleen's answer solved the problem...Please thank her and wish her a Merry Christmas...I know MY answer took FOREVER to read...but it works for me. It would have helped if I knew what type and year the set is. If all fails...try putting a NEW SET on your Christmas list!!! 


    LOL, you're funny. Merry Christmas to you too wandering wonderer :)

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