Have you ever had a house window make a boom and then crack for no reason?

    There was a loud boom when I was in bed. Then, when I looked at the bathroom window later, there was a crack in the shape of a moth's wings. You could even see the veins in the wings. It is a double pane window.The inside pane was cracked . The screen outside the window did NOT have a hole in it, and was not disturbed. Yes, the weather was COLD, but the other windows didn't crack. It did not sound lke a sonic boom.

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    It sounds like it could be pressure on the lintel above the window or perhaps the lintel has rotted out or been eaten by termites.It's hard to say what else would cause this phenonimum.If you own the house have a builder check it out,If not call the landlord.


    My thoughts exactly.

    thanks for the input,guys.

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