What is the true sign of God's church?

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    Exodus 31:17 is the only place in the Bible where God says He has a sign between Him and His people.
    Galatians 3:29 defines God's people

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    the pressence of the holy spirit in the heart of the people as well as the preacher and the true word of god being taught. thr true church is in the heart not the building in which we worship

    Absolutely! people fail to realize that the term 'church' is actually symbolic of the people. The church is the group of people that believe. it is not the structure, but the people.
    It was suggested that John 13:35 is the only sign… of the true church. “By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." NIV This is good but we must define love. Love in this verse means to seek the other’s highest good. This love does not necessarily include affection as Matthew 5:44 “Love your enemies…” “Correct, rebuke and encourage-with great patience…” (2 Timothy 4:2) This is tough love. I would add that the true church is made up of people who have truly become Christians, (John 3:5) and keep Christ on the throne of their heart (Hebrews 10:26; 1 John 1:7).

    Jesus demostrated his "affections" often to his Apostles and to the people, particularly the little children, whose minds have not yet been tainted of men and the world. He was moved of the Love Spirit the Christos; Love Consciousness ever but a thought away.
    If you go to a church and they don't preach from the Bible don't let the door hit you as you leave. A church is like a good car you need to test drive a few to find one for you, the people make up the church and christians have personalities like every one else, there will be clashes.
    I go outside and look at nature, that's my church!

    very true i am like you
    It preaches the Gospel as it is written
    Look in the mirror. That is God's true church.
    Where two or three are gathered together...

    Love and truth !


    Close, love and light.
    Great question! The first sign for me is visual.

    If, upon entry, there is an idol, it is not the true church. I stay briefly, and will seldom return

    Idolatry has two items list in the 10 commandments; both consecutively 1 and 2.

    But I wont go into it because I always make people upset when I talk about it. I always push buttons; so I just want tell you, it is this that determines the sign you seek. Not many churches follow the 1st and 2nd consecutively.

    Your sister,

    i agree faithfully

    Sadly, the kneeling and the bowing of head is ritual, worshiping a corpse nailed to a branch, is pagan idolatry, whether a cross an wall or a symbol in the mind. Ignorantly worshiping suffering and death, not the Life of which the Christ offered the world, is idolarty. Materialism, is the greatest of idols worshiped by the world of men. And let us not forget a book is but a book, until understood, then may the Spirit of God be known in ones mind and heart, And a Church is but a building, the the true chruch is in the people.

    Every day Jesus is crucified over and over in the minds fundamentalists, who do not yet understand. How long must our beloved Brother Jesus suffer this image; this mentality in the world of men. But be of good cheer that time is at hand it is at the very door, it is NOW in the birth of this New Age, and we are blessed to be the living witnesses of that new birth now in this time and in this place, wherein the shadows seek for the Light. Amen :-)

    I would have to agree with Gabalis on the worshipping a corpse on a tree is idolatry. I have yet to meet a Christian who does this or a church who does this and I have met many, so i'm not sure where he has witnessed this. I believe those who have yet to mature in Christ struggle with the fundamentals of the Word of God. Without a sound fundamental foundation in God's word one can fall into all kinds of distorted views about God and Christ. Thank God he gave us his sure word to keep us fundamentally anchored.

    Actually Jesus is the one who said "do this in rememberance of me" when he break the bread and drank of the cup, commanding us to remember his crucifixion for the sins of the world. You seem to have a huge problem with Jesus' own commands. I don't think that is a good place to be.
    You'll know it by LOVE and FORGIVNESS, which leads to the Father PEACE, no matter the tradition or creed. Never forget "In my Fathers House there are many massions, if there were not I would have told you."
    the word church comes from the Greek word meaning "called out" or "called out ones." I follow a wide understanding in which more are included as opposed to more excluded. So the widest understanding is that the first person who started the "church" had a personal "revelation" of Jesus or in the broader sense of God (in case where Jesus is not the center and object of the church). So by this understanding any group that believes it is called out from the body of people at large and have a regular meeting qualify as a church. The word belief is critical as the idea of church implies a set of belief that may or may not be identified, and /or written down. Some groups have a clearly delineated set of beliefs while others have very few. Often a visitor may participate for a long time while never knowing the basic belief set. The critical components are a sense of group and a sense of common beliefs.
    They all try to put that one over.
    Headless Man

    Not true my church runs on Faith, almost no cash in the bank.

    thats how it should be for all of them-peace be with you

    Yes, I agree. The "Old Religion", which is paganism, is completely free - no money involement whatsoever!
    This is an easy one. As long as obama is not there, it is a true sure sign .

    Try to keep politics out of this label. There are many other labels specifically concerning politics. Chuckles . . . the semantics here are bad enough. :-)

    love it Zorro

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