Could someone tell me how to load a picture to an answer

    Now that the box has changed ,there is no browse button just a source box. I tried putting in my pictures but nothing happens. Could someone tell me where I am going wrong please. 

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    It's an on going issue that the development team is working to correct.

    Ok thank you pythonlover, I thought maybe it was something I wasn't doing. I notice some people have managed to add pictures though, would that be that their system is more up to date than mine?

    The pictures being added are coming from the internet or a photo hosting site using the URL address attached to the image. I do not believe anyone can up load straight from their computer files.

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    Hi Sunny. As I told Bulletman, you should only have to click the image symbol on the option bar and then paste the url address into the box. I see my options have changed since yesterday so I know the development team is still working on this app. For now, you can only post pics from the internet or from a photo hosting site. You can not post directly from your computer's pictures files. 

    I just finished sending an e-mail to the development team letting them know that the app is still not working correctly. Right click copy/paste tells you to use keyboard shortcuts. That's old school, we want up to date options. Spell check is there now but does not give spelling options and the issue with posting images is still an issue. Hopefully they will find a solution to these issues soon. 


    Thanks colleen, yes I think the new system is gradually improving, last week I couldn't do anything, but my box has changed (updated ) now, so I expect eventually it will be better than before. We just have to be patient.

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