can I really learn enough to earn some money

    I have never earned any money this way and really need to earn some but cannot spend money if it will not help in earning income

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    If you study for a marketable skilll.......

    If earning money is your goal then the next question is how. If you are talented or skilled in any way, there are people with money who will pay you to do that. Consider this...What do you like to do a lot and already do well? Many people like to draw pictures and paint...have you considered doing this in the house where you reside? Many artist are their own worst critic and are often biased negatively about their own work. So to see what other people think of your art...having just finished drawing and painting your residency...advertise your residency as... "Open to the Public" to consider your work...maybe someone will see what you did and hire ($$$$) you to "do-over" their residency. The same goes for grounds keeping, cooking, entertaining, performance arts, writing, designing and so forth. All of those activities you enjoy doing yourself are what the world will pay you to do for them. And if what you do so well is more than you would like to do for the's time to ask business minded folks who are so interested in serving the needs of others, to step up and see what you do so well, as a business enterprise, worthy of their interest in promoting. Intelligent business minded folk may know who you should see and make a referral or provide some useful advice on advancing your work toward a profitable enterprise.


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