If you could have either a computer or a television, which would you choose?

    You could not have both ... that's not fair. ok?

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    You can have both, Itsmee, with the computer you can also watch TV, especially if you own a Mac, but you will have to get the TV accessory for it, around a $100., cheaper than forking out $1000 or more for a HD, LCD TV. :)


    I can get many old TV shows and Net Flix. Does the accessory enable you to watch the nightly news and other shows that come in live. I've never heard of it but it would be great.

    The best place to go is an Apple Store, i'm sure there will be one around where you live, the guys there will steer you in the right direction, any thing you watch on a TV you will be able to view.:)

    I'm going to the Apple store tomorrow to buy a new computer. We are getting a MacBook Air Lap Top. There have been problems at our Mall - shooting, steeling, etc.
    I'm taking a device that makes a loud noise when you pull the pin, a cell phone, and Pepper Spray. I'll walk behind my husband and we will not carry a Macintosh bag. It's scary this time of year. Apple Store is one of the places where thiefs life to go. Two weeks ago there were two alarms in the shop as people tried to run out with computers. Six guys were at the ready and ran after them. (That was in one hour!) Sheesh.

    What a silly question. The computer. I can watch TV on it, too. But the chair isn't as good as the recliner is use to curl up and veg............


    I can watch many shows on my Mac lap top computer and recline at the same time. I don't know if computers bring in ALL tv shows - the ones that are live. I sure hope so. Also, you would have to have a LARGE computer to watch with several people or children.
    My desk top computer has lasted for a long, long time. It's sturdy and it means business. I like it better if I have a lot of typing to do.

    A Lap top is the answer for comfort. Desk top for serious business.

    Yup...! I haven't tried it, but I heard that all you need is a HDMI cable to hook either your desktop or laptop to a digital T.V...and use the T.V. either as a monitor or to watch movies...etc...

    I'll answer that with a question...Whitch would YOU prefer? Just WONDERERing...


    Did you have a good birthday?
    Julie put out a congrats post.

    Yes, I did...Thanx for asking! I didn't know...I'm gonna check it out...

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