Do you like birds?

    I like birds!

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    In flight: Image result for flock of geese flying in formationAt play:Image result for penguins playing photo                 Image result for eagle in nest photoAt home

    and at work:Image result for Hummingbird with nectar photos



    I hope so. I have 17 of them. A mix of cockatiels, conures, finches and parakeets. 


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    Chubby Dove

    Cool-o. I have 8 pigeons and one baby pigeon, 3 budgies(the same thing as parakeets), a dove, and 4 quail!

    i like them and if i were given one as a pet i will be happy


    terryfossil 1

    they are cheap enough to buy Slim,,but cost a bit more to look after..

    Yes I love to.Especially the small one.

    i enjoy the beauty of seeing them fly around.

    Some are quite tasty .

    I have 20 pet chickens and a large feeder outside our living room windows where hundreds of smaller wild birds come to feed and bathe. I have nest boxes up mostly in spring. and will be enlarging our nesting facilities greatly this winter. I love to see all the birds.   

    Only DUCKY!

    I suppose so,i do not like to see them get hurt,,i once found a pigeon that had been hit by a hawk,,it had a hole in its throat,,i took it home and fed it some seed,,some of the seed would come out through the hole in it's throat,but some seed got through,,i kept it for about 6 months,,when it was fully healed i let it go,,and it flew away,,end of story,,<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>

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