what should you be doing today?

    Me:  A trip to Macy's for a neclace for my daughter-in-law, cleaning my closet, addressing my cards, taking a shower, studying my computer book for one hour, dancing for 15 minutes to get the lethargy of depression out of my body, attempting to be a pleasant person. (Last night I was not)

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    You always seem pleasant here, itsmee.They say you only hurt the one you love.

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    It's Sunday here so I probably should be resting but I know I won't be.

    So many things to do,so close to Xmas.

    Well I made some brownies, stirred up a batch of cooky dough that has to chill, made home made chicken soup. Toke some expired peanut butter out for the birds filled 2 bird feeders and 1 suet cake container dumped the cat box!  Played on the computer for awhile.   I still have to wash some of the dishes in the china cabinet but that might be tomorrow! Happy Saturday!


    I'm coming to your house :)

    Only after you get your snow blown out Colleen! You know how hard that will be if it rains then freezes! See ya later! :)

    Colleen! OMG! I accidentally reported you. Just when things were going good that happens.

    Yum . Love Brownies !

    It's OK itsmee. They are use to reports on me, lol

    How can someone " accidently report" you ?

    HA Clu, fresh baked cookies and brownies? Springtime will melt the ice and snow. I'm on my way. :)

    mcm: I pushed Report accidentally!! I don't see how you didn't know.


    Today, I should have been writng out Chris cards and checks, but some older classic movies came on that I wanted to see, but never made it to the show when they came out. So, watched them today .Got sucked into it. Then, played " Bubble Hit "  on the computer. Got it up to 14,000 !  Do you guys/ girls ever play it ? Then, wrote my bro a follow-up email and then played here on akaQA

    Today is a lazy day, just ask the dishes in my sink. My sister Jenny called and invited me to go eat migas so we'll drink mamosas and I'll come home and nap.  All the wrapping is done and I never found any xmas cards that "found" me...........

    Exactly what I am doing now. Got all the daily tasks done, got some random small jobs accomplished and am now waiting for the snow to finish falling so I can go out and snow blow. The neighbors may hate me because I may be doing that later tonight before the icy rain comes. 


    that's what I said in one post.That the snow is stopping about 12 MN and I'd like to go out and snow-blow, but the neighbors wouldn't like it.

    Eh, they'll get over it. 'Tis the season and all that.

    MCM...Your neighbors are probably in bed sleeping by midnight...many people are. It's always good to live in a neighborhood where people are respectful to each other. You just may need your neighbors one day. They should be your friends.

    LOL, did you say this because you actually took me seriously? I snowblowed this morning.

    Fed chickens and sorted through a few thousand electronic parts by catigories. Fed the fire a chunk or two. Time to relax for my post nooner nap.


    I am interested in your chickens who are excellent for the ecology of the forest. How many chickens? What is it they do? (I know it's chicken droppings) Do you pay for the feed?
    What a wonderful place you must live. Really.
    What are all those electronic parts for?
    Am I too snoopy?

    I’ve noticed that chickens can breed back toward their original stock mixtures that could fly and both roosters and hens had spurs preferring to roost in trees. Hybrid varieties are breed for special qualities and as a result are potentially more colorful, productive of eggs or meat but are apparently less intelligent. Chickens do communicate with other chickens in the flock as does all of nature. But awareness in humans of their communications has been punished and renounced as a human ability that is normal and natural. Breeding back for fight birds should require a few generations of mixed linage to arrive at that potential and improved by the process of re-asimilation. Interesting to see how this will progress.
    In the wild flocking birds tend to do well and do benefit the forrest floor by their scratching through leaf degree for insects and grubs while scattering poop that is rich in nutrients and wiki benefit trees in the forests. Wild chickens are able to take care of themselves in the wilds but due to human intervention the barnyard chicken is much less adapt to escaping predators. But in time they will do fine.
    The electronic parts are for my own amusement. I enjoy playing with electronics and building my own instruments for use in electronics. I have learned not to seek wealth for what I do because there are so many others who would kill for fame. An uncle of mine was killed for his paperwork and designs in electronics before Marconi. There are many similar stories throughout history, though usually not well known because of the various secret groups involved in such behavior.

    You have an interesting life ... I have never know anyone with similar activities - nothing like it. My friend lives next door to a man who raises chickens for sale, I think. She talks about the birds all the time.
    I just didn't see her getting so involved ... but she has. Ha. I'll bet you never get bored. That's good.
    When I get my computer problems straightened out I'm going to write. Yes. I will write just for me ... and maybe my kids. I've lived in 28 houses with my husband. I lived in about 14 houses with my parents. Several of the houses I've lived in have become Bed and Breakfast Inns. Two of the places I've lived in have been over mortuaries. I am absolutely fascinated with different ways to live. I have back problems and it's difficult for me to change houses so I'm probably done for life with moving. I don't know. I really want to live in a town that has no stop lights. Unfortunately, towns like that usually are inhabited by people who don't speak my language.

    Yreka has 3 stop lights. Mount Shasta has two that I know of.

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