how to remove white heads on face

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        Stock up on skin care products"" that contain alpha hydroxyl acids or salicylic acid. These products unclog pores on the face so you can clean the whiteheads off easily.

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        Soak a washcloth under hot water and place it over the whitehead. Sometimes this causes the whitehead to shrink away.


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        Disinfect a sewing needle by wiping it down with a clean tissue"" and some rubbing alcohol. Gently poke the surface of the whitehead.

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        Wrap a tissue around the index finger on each of your hands. Place your index fingers on either side of the white head and gently squeeze using an up-and-in motion.

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        Avoid pressing too hard against the white head. If it’s not ready to pop, it could get infected. If it is ready, continue gently squeezing until all the white is gone and blood or clear fluid comes out of the area where the whitehead used to be.

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        Keep your face clear of whiteheads for the long term by washing your face regularly. Exfoliate your skin with a gentle exfoliate at least two times a week. Drink a lot of water to remove any toxins from your body and skin.


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    Wash you face with salt (after soap and water). Use the pimple take care of in Colleen's reply. The salt helps to dry the skin out thus reducing the cause for the bumps..........

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