i privately sold my 13 year old ka with over one months mot on it. it passed its last mot with flying colours, now the buyers have had it mot they say its a right of. they want their money back. i dont have it, where do i stand

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    I don't think you have much to worry about, as long as you did not deliberately mislead the person who purchased it from you. If you were unaware of any problems with the car you were not misleading them. They could probably take you to court if they desired, but they wouldn't want to do that, in all probability it would be expensive. So, if you are an honest person and did not go out to con someone you can sleep ok , if you did deliberately con them, they may come looking for you.

    Buyer beware!

    Read here...

    I hope the receipt that you gave them contained two important words....."as is".

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