I wonder ...

    When are they going to make a computer that's easy to use or that has a way to easily learn it. A book is sure not the answer because it doesn't translate to a computer. On screen lessons are a little awkward because you have to keep bouncing back and forth. I am so hesitant to use my new imac/Air. My husband says it's easy. I think I have computer phobia.

    Many people have questions about their computers. It would be fun if we had a chat room where we could discuss computers and ...... other stuff. : ) 



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    The buzz word for several years now has been "user friendly". It is that way, but only for those who turned their first computer on when they were 3 years old. I believe that I only know about 2% of what is available on my computer. Same thing with my digital camera.


    My husband always says, "You only use what you need to know." Yep, me and my 1 per cent knowledge of how this machine works. My grandchildren will do well. They practically had a computer in the crib with them.

    Likewise for me Ducky.My son in law comes here & does things on my computer that I would not even dream of.He opens windows that I didn't even know existed & It's all done at supersonic speed.'~'

    Yes Tommy, but you and I remember black and white TV. So there! lol

    It's already in the pipeline Itsmee. One of my son in law's dreams is to create such a device.If anyone can do it,he can.


    I'll be standing in line, Tommy.

    I'll be right in front of her!

    ask a young adult or a kid. They have more patience and will be there with you to explain everything.They are very knowledgable.


    Oh, I must go out and get one immediately! Where is the nearest Kid Store? Or maybe it would be more convenient to make one myself.

    And you might have fun making a kid,itsmee!

    Take a few mements each day to JUST PLAY with your computer. It's really difficult to mess anything up. Practice and pray we get the spell check fixed on this answer box.......... All good things come with time.......


    I have messed things up on my IPad Air. I Pad is a stupid stupid name. It sounds like something you use when you bump your upper face on the door frame or even .... Oh, never mind the other one.

    Really! Just copy and paste this to your brower while it is hiding!  Keep intouch with your down load manager who lives in BF . Egypt!


    Nothing to it huh? :)

    You are too funny clu. Those folks in "BF" Egypt are so helpful!

    who knows how to cut and paste? LOL .And what's a browser ?

    I ask one of my nephews when I can't work something out, they laugh when I call things a thingamy bob or a whatslt. Buffy, I do find you can learn a lot by just fiddling around on computers.


    I asked a young 'un to help me with email when I first got my computer. His response (with a quizzical look) was "There's nothing much to learn really". Born with a laptop on his knee. LOL!!

    Yes I know what you mean ducky, but ask them to go and post a letter and they can't find the letter box.

    It's a different world for sure. :)

    "Born with a lap top on his knees" Ha ha, Ducky. Good one.
    My teacher was one of those. The college sent him to me because he "knew everything" So we're sitting there trying to figure out some simple simple thing ... He couldn't do it because he had learned it soooo long ago. He was 19.
    The Mac store is a terrible, nightmarish place. There are all sorts of humans huddled in that place with varying looks of wild desperation on their faces. There's a bunch of "youngins" they call "geniuses" parading around giving lessons. The lights hum. The lights flicker. People sweat. Some cry. Some scream. Me ?... Pass the Xanax.
    I will tell you the story of my computer trials tomorrow if this old timey thing I'm typing on doesn't give out.

    PS Ducky, I actually thought you could only get Macintosh at the Mac Store. My knowledge just slipped down to 1% (I found out because I was reading my husband your responses.)

    Computer ops are sure to go through many more evolutionary steps. At some time, not too far off, they will be more predictive of events when their function is more than a door-stop, a personal confuser, a recipy book, catalog store and media juke-box. Keep it simple unless you are really into booring and confusing yourself to tears. These things are contenually upgrading and changing depending on the market. Predictive systems require years of reliable data to become sufficiently predictive. In such a system looking for an answere to "what-if" is the function we all really want with outstanding reasoning ability. What would happen if....based on lots of real world questions, based on facts, based on rules of order, etc...etc. In my experience when I put a pot of water on a stove and turn the purner on....the water will heat up and boil. Reliably predicting facts got us to the moon and back. What if we applied all that skill and avid enthusism to securing a happy, harmonius and wonderfully long life rather than how to chop-down all the trees in the rain-forrest or build a better bomb. The choice of what comes of this is in all our hands and Predict-ability is in all our futures with certainty.

    These systems are evolving for our greater good.   

    My phone, computer, and notepad have so many things they can do and I can't.  :0  Check out Clovis Adult School; the winter schedule just came out and there may be an afternoon class that will help you feel more knowledgeable and confident.

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