Do you love the Christmas season?

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    There's so much emphasis on buy buy buy. Carols play in every store. (My pet peeve) I envy people who are cash short but can still keep a happy attitude. I'm not one of them. I'm not proud of saying this ... just putting it out there to see if anyone else is like me.

    You bet! The kids put the tree up today.I took some photos but couldn't post them because the site is playing up.Much excitement in our house today.

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    I love Christmas, decorating the tree, driving around town looking at Christmas lights, listening to Christmas music on the radio, watching holiday movies on the television and the surprise Christmas card or telephone call from an old friend etc.  Christmas for me  has its ups and downs and this year I will (as I do everyday) miss my son, my grandfather and my dogs, but  this year I will be spending my very first Christmas with my soul mate and this brings a twinkle to my eye, and a gleam to my smile and warms my heart  like thousands of lights on a Christmas tree.  Yes Itsmee, I love the Chritmas season. (*~*)


    Oh. I do love your words. It has all the good of Christmas in there. You and your soulmate make me happy. I've had my soul mate since I was a little girl. He should be old hat by now but I have a twinkle in my eyes too. I was so worried about him yesterday because he had a4-hour stress test for his heart. I realized just what he means to me.
    Your heart is "warmed like thousands of lights on a Christmas tree" Nice.
    country bumpkin


    I wish you and your the best this season Itsmee. I know it becomes harder worrying about our loved ones health at this time of year.


    This year I really do and I’m broke, not presents for anybody and don’t expect any.  Guess I’m just high for the real reason!


    That's a good attitude to have Julie that's what makes you a nice person.

    Thanks SunnyB, that was nice. I’m excited for Christmas, gonna pick up BarBQ for Xmas dinner. My gift will be not to cook!

    PTL, Julie


    There are aspects of the winter holiday season I absolutely adore!

    I love to see the lights and decorations. My neighbor's sparkling tree lights make me feel warm on these horribly cold (for US) nights.  I enjoy decorating my home, and, since it is now 12/10, it's my time. (Boy, do I have a lot of STUFF)  The push to buy and the never-ending, repetitive carols make me irritable.  Hopefully, I will have some homemade gifts to present this year, along with the painting I transfer into my holiday greeting card (currently a black canvas).  I have vague plans of baking holiday treats, something I truly love to do.

    Each year, I want to be more in touch with the original reason for the celebration.  With all the Santas and Snowmen, Ornaments of EVERY sort, and the general chaos of my life in general, connecting spiritually becomes a bigger priority with each passing year. 



    My Christmas cards have been spread out on the dining room table for about two weeks (Seriously) I've addressed three. I have decided that I really really don't like them or sending them and can't imagine why I got them. They are just too too jolly. If I had hand painted them it would be a different story. If I could mail a cookie or two, that would be satisfactory too.
    You've been through a lot. This may not be your best Christmas. There's always next year for both of us.
    I can't get myself in gear to paint. I wish I could. When I'm painting I'm happy. I can't bake because I'm a sugar addict. Merry Christmas.

    Merry Christmas - in your heart - where it belongs...not under the tree, in the mailbox, or on a pretty plate...

    Lesser every year.


    I'm in your corner. Wanna snarl at fake Santas?

    I understand what you mean, my shot in the arm has been grand children, they make it fun for us.

    Yes I like the Christmas season, even though we don't have much spare cash to spend, just looking forward to spending time with friends and family. 


    Good for you, sunny. Having family around is the best.

    I like to watch and be a part of making it as magical as possible for the little kids.  I take my big boots, a broom handle, and some raisins and hopefully there will be more snow.  I make sled marks of two parallel lines, and many pokes in snow as hoof prints, and to give realism, the raisins are reindeer deposits!  This more believable by walking out and back from the house in the same footprints AWAY from the door.  (Remember, Santa came down chimney).  My daughter stumbled upon a free site that makes email videos from Santa, personalized for your child, very nice.  I need this activity, as generally I become depressed at Christmas time. 


    "It don't snow here
    It stays pretty Green
    I'm gonna make a lot of money
    And quit this crazy scene." Joni Mitchell The Blue Album

    I love your snow idea. If it snowed here I would definitely do that and I'd be happy if my kids weren't busy at Disney Land.
    I'll recover. They will have a lot of fun. Everybody will.

    I want YOU to be MY grandfather, busti! :)

    No, I do not love Christmas. I tend to look back at this time of the year, something I try not to do, ever, and the sad events come to the surface. I also have some close friends who struggle during this season and that is difficult to observe. I enjoy the small moments but overall, I'm not disappointed when it is over.

    Small moments you ask?   Roast turkey, New Years Eve, Christmas tree, wine, gift certificates, cards from far-away friends, surprise phone calls....


    My favorite holiday is coming. New Years! We have a quiet celebrate around the fire and watch the ball drop and go outside to hear the guns pop. (Eeeeek) Anyway, I figure it's the chance to get everything right. I'll lose weight, do my exercises, serve healthful meals, stay positive, learn to work the computer and the TV. Lots of stuff. All good stuff. I expect much improvement. Some one of these years I'm gonna get it all right. Hasn't happened yet ... but maybe 2014.

    I'm pretty sure by now, that I'll NEVER get it all right! But, I guess that ok. :)

    You sweet little duckling ...
    YOU have already reached perfection

    Your check is in the mail, itsmee. lol

    The oven is preheating, you tasty feast treat. @@


    I giggled myself right outta the kitchen. You are safe. Those eyes. Those downy feathers ... all must be preserved.

    NO!  It doesn't mean what it once meant to me, one time it was the family getting together, still is but since I live over 3,000 miles from most of my family it is just my wife, son and self.  we have a great time but I do miss the big family gatherings.  The comercial retail has always been there but now its more than ever, using all kinds of Christmas jargon to make you buy.  I am offended by all of that and more so offended by not being allowed to say Merry Christmas on the streets because you may offend someone, where their being offended is more important than my being offended.


    My hugs go out to you Sir Vinny. : D You have some good words there. It helps me to feel not so all alone. My family will be gone to Disney Land this Christmas. It will be just my husband and me and our Australian son on Skype if we can get Skype working on our new machine. We have always had a big celebration. Pretty bleak at our house but I do have to say every corner of our house is lit up like a Christmas Tree. Ho Ho Ho.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours



    What do you want to get for Christmas? Somehow I think you type older than your words show us. I hope I didn't offend you. : )

    I grew-up making toys and gifts. Buying for Christmas doesn't thrill me in the least. I do not cut down trees...never did. We brought in cedar branches, holly, nuts to shell and roast, etc. everyone visited friends and family, sang songs and...well that was before TV and long before computers. That was my childhood and books were wonderful gifts and staying warm around a fire with friends and family.    


    : ) Why doesn't everybody love that? When I was five I got a Jack and the Beanstalk coloring book and a giant box of crayons. We delivered food baskets to people who didn't have enough to eat. We had a tree with lights and I made all the ornaments. It was bliss.
    When I was 7, I got ahold of some wrapping paper and went through my parents drawers and wrapped up their stuff with the paper I'd found. I wrapped my dad's old socks with midnight blue shiny paper and stuck stars all over it. Wow! He seemed sooo happy. Ahhhh. Memories.
    Computers, etc have really changed the world. No one loves tech more than me but still I wonder ...

    The TV obliterated our social-cultural union. Everyone was fixated to the box that sucked attention like a magnet and dumb-struck all adults in unbreakable attentiveness. It was a sad time in my life and the social association vanished.
    The influence of TV evolved into a generation of Hippies and flower children which gave us Back to Earth etc. Glad to have a part in all of that. All such distractions from our social cultural lives eventually fade and loose significance. Nothing endures like social-cultural relationships.

    You were a Hippie? I'm not sure what a Hippie is. Maybe I was one.
    `I had acquaintances who were John Birchers. (I sure wasn't that) After Kent State they said "Anyone carrying flowers like that deserves to be shot"

    I remember getting a box, the size of a case of 24 beer bottles, it included "a gift" for each of we six kids from the Santa Fund, sponsored by the state newspaper. We were on assistance, and that was Christmas for us. The next year, I sewed sock puppets and rag dolls for the younger kids, and worked repairing toys for Toys for Tots. There was a contest for whoever logged in the greatest number of hours working, to get a new, used bike. I won it, and was thrilled! Those years were meaningful, even though we struggled as a family.


    I'm not very Christmasy,b/c my family , what's left of them, lives out of state. My step-daughter said I would be invited to all family gatherings if I lived down there.So, that gives me a good feeling. I do try to pay attention to the real reason for Christmas. BTW, my birthday is one week before Christmas  :-)


    17TH. It's lovely that you're not a fan. I do have a family but the whole lot of them are spending it at Disney Land. (Pardon if you've heard this many times before) I can't go because my back injury causes me distress. Anyway,their trip makes me frown a bit and then a bit more. Oh well ... My favorite holiday is coming. Can't wait.
    I know the kids will love it and that makes me happy ... I'd rather they were happy baking cookies with me, however. Cookies can not compete with D. L.

    I like Christmas!!!!

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