can i install whatsapp on pc

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    Whatsapp for PC > You have to download Bluestacks to your computer first then you can download the whatsapp application from the menu bar in Bluestacks.

    Collen, I'm not agree with you. you can install Whatsapp as many android app on your PC with the help of android emulator. Here is an example of tutorial: . Install first an android emulator and get the apk of whatsapp and it's done. Of course it less confortable on pc like on smartphone, but you can do that.

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    I disagree with you. The creators of whatsapp have stated many times that they did not and are not going to create a whatsapp application for the PC. Anything that may exist that claims to be an app for whatsapp for the PC is imitation and not guaranteed to work or be virus free. Please research before you tell people there is an app that may do damage to their computer. Your link is not valid by the way which means your claim that an app exists is invalid.

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