Have you ever laughed so hard that you cried ?

    When I was a kid, my  g f  asked her dad that question; and he said, " Yeah..  The first time I saw you ''   and he was our minister. But, he had a good sense of humor

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    Yea, he did, but did you?

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    When I saw Billy Connolly in the 70's I laughed so much the tears were dripping down my legs.

    It was an awkward walk home.



    Who's he ? And what is LSHINPM?

    laughing so hard I nearly P****d myself.You asked!.Billy Connolly is a well known British comedian.

    I can't believe Mom has never heard of Billy Connolly. ;)

    I'm not from the U K

    Many times mcm, it's good to laugh, the best therapy.

    Yes, and most often in high school while the teacher was glaring at me. That made most kids get serious but it sent me into hysterical laughter. I just couldn't help myself.       :)

    I love to laugh but it’s been too long since I’ve had a good belly laugh. ’Til I cried? Don’t recall but it’s a lovely thought………...

    Not since i got my tax returns...seriously..!!

    I remember as a kid i laughed so hard  tears would pour out and hard to breath, i still do occasionally, the funny thing is it is usually over something trivial, i have heard it is good chemistry for the body. :)


    tears from laughing or crying have good pheromones in them that are healthy ......that are not produced in tears from cutting onions.

    Almost every day!   I have a redneck wife!

    Often, my kids get such a kick out of it.   I can do same when watching tv, if something hits me right.  Have never LSHINPM however!  Yet...

      There is only a four-year difference between my youngest aunt and I so we grew up together. 

    I can't remember laughing harder with anyone else than my dear ole aunt. 

     Heck, we used to get yelled at to BE QUIET by her father/my grandfather because he could not hear the tv.

    What made it funnier is that we were both grown adults when we got into trouble.  

    ....nearly every morning at breakfast 

    I have but it is rare..>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<..

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