How long can a heart attack or stroke symptoms last and how can I tell the difference...when should I be most concerned?

    I've got no insurance coverage for hospital visits. The last time I went, I was hit up for three different bills totaling over 3 grand...also, what if all that's wrong is a simple panic attack? Really don't need the medical bills from the hospital, for them to say that I need to relax more. Been doing that enough!

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    You need to go to a Dr. who will Rx anti-anxiety pills for you. If he/she is a good doctor, he/she will give you a thourgourh physical first.

    Another good comment, mcm.

    Obamacare is not working for you?

    My husband had a routine colonoscopy. It cost the tax payers $4,000. There was nothing wrong with him that he could tell. His internist just insisted on it. Maybe he wanted to keep his buddy in business.
    Of course, the doctor could have found Cancer ... or something. But it was highly unlikely.
    We have insurance and so far we haven't had problems except for prescriptions. They go up every month. If we keep having medical tests, I believe our rates will go up up up. PS Blue Cross paid most of his doctor's bills. The tax payers didn't. I don't know what I was think of ...

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    Good article here Gregg, but it's always best to ask your doc mate.

    Well the last time you were at the hospital what did they tell you about your health? Are you at risk for heart attacks or strokes? Trying to save money if you are having an attack is NOT RIGHT! You should seek medical help ASAP! Please -- You just got back here-- stay awhile!

    The thing is, when you are having a heart attack or stroke, the sooner you get medical help, the less damage your body suffers.  Make sure you have aspirin at home, as that is the first thing to do when you experience heart attack symptoms.  

    If you suffer from panic/anxiety, there should be some medication available for you. Like ROMOS said, talk to your doctor and take care of yourself.   I am paying on a big hospital bill from what I thought was a HA.  I'd rather be in debt than dead right now.  


    What is HA? Did you go to the ER?

    Heart Attack. Yes, I did, and it wasn't. I'm having a stress test tomorrow, and am feeling very stressed about it. :(

    My husband had a stress test today.
    How did your test turn out?
    We don't know about his. He fell to his knees at 5 minutes. I was not happy about that.

    itsmee: very sorry to hear about your hubby's test. I hope there's nothing serious going on. Mine went OK; credit prayer,the tech and doctor for keeping me calm....probably credit the fact that I thought the appt was half an hour earlier than it was and had plenty of time to work on the puzzles in the newspaper left in the lobby. :D Good distractions

    Hopefully it is not, but do get someone to check you out... 

    Anytime you have quite pronouced chest pain, you should call an ambulance- - - - -b/c any chest pain that bad should be treated as a heart attack..........especially if it is accompanied by shoulder pain on Left or both sides, or even upper arm pain on left side or both sides. And it includes jaw pain. Don't even wait for a family member or friend to take you to hosp. You should call 911 - - -the paramedics, b/c they can start to work on you if your get worse.They can administer adrenaline,epinephrine, CPR, O2 ,etc.  Go and worry about how you're going to pay for it later.

     As for stroke sypmtoms- - - --you  may have trouble talking or moving your limbs on one side. And maybe one side of your face will droop . You may drool and slur your speach.Your  B/P will be high .When that happens, call 911  !  


    I think that's a great answer, mcm. If the ambulance comes to your home, the medics will probably check you out and you won't be a candidate for the hospital. You'll relax. You'll be safe. And as mcm said, "go now and worry how you're going to pay later"

    Stress and Anxiety can do a number on you. I hope you have a good GP who will prescribe something to relax you a bit AFTER he gives you a physical. I know a man who had bipass surgery and now he suffers from stress and goes to the ER frequently.  He has the luxury of either good insurance or just lots of $$$.  

    Take care of yourself. 

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