My cat loves to follow me everywhere it's way cool any one else with great pets ?

    It's strange but I love it everywhere i go "peaches" has to be there i know it's their instinct but he's my (almost) best friend ..share your pet stories..""

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    I live in the country and tried to take the dog for a walk down the  road! I turned around and there were five cats following. Had to turn back because I was afraid a car might hit them ! Now I have to give the cats treats and other distractions to keep them from seeing me leave! Cats are cool!


    Are they feral cats ?

    I ask the same question as mcm.

    They are barn cats but they have names and you can pet them. Feral cats are too wild to let a human touch them. People know these cats are here and we end up with cats who are dumped off. All cats get free barns with warm places to sleep and food and water.

    clu: You are good good people. : )

    I am ashamed by some folks who drop off their cats! These animals are so frightened that some times it takes a few weeks for them to allow me to touch them. Some of them become good friends. I wish people would at least ask me to help. Makes me wonder how many animals never let us know they were here.

    my g.friend's sister lives in a rural area, near the road just south of the big city.She finds many cats out by the road that people have dumped off. She tries to find homes for them.And my g.friend is always finding cats with kittens that hang around her husband's feed store.She takes some of the kittens home and bottle feeds them, b/c the mother cat was not working with them very well.She's raised many kittens that way . She has 9 cats now, and a big dog.

    Yes and then people say things about a crazy cat lady--heh heh I say someone has to take care of the crazy cats! LOL :)

    I had a cow trained to come when I would call out "come on Mama".  When the cows ever got out of the field, I could depend on her leading the rest as I called her to come on mama...  It was a great sight for others (they thought I was the Cow whisperer...)


    <--smiling big and then there's the big MOOOOOO 4 u.

    Mom, sounds like you do not buy it... It is relatively easy if they have been handled since birth. This one had been a 4-H show heifer, that I got after it's show career had ended. Since I promised to use it as a brood cow, and not for the freezer, it was free. She had many Angus calves for us over the years. She used to spend summers at the Animal Rescue Society Summer Day Camp, in their farm animal display. I would schedule her breeding so she would calve during the camp, they loved her! She lived to about 15 yrs. fairly old for a brood cow.

    Bustie, I said I liked your post.

    Oh, I am sorry, I misunderstood that phrase, I took it as "not likely" I am so sorry... and embarrassed! It is tough to get old, my eyesight is not helping. Regards

    Don't worry about it

    Peanut is sitting next to me with her paw over my forearm.  She slept on top of me last night.  Dieszal (the American Bulldog) pushes open the bathroom door and lays down on the bath rug while I'm taking  a shower. Tess always greets me with a doggy hug.
    Years ago, Penelope (dachshcund/terrier mix) jumped up onto a dining table chair and snagged a big T-bone off the dinner plate of our guest minutes before we sat down. Our friend looked at all the plates, juicy steaks flopping over the edges of the plates and back to her own, with just a trace of the juice. Then we heard a burp under the table! 

    trrrrrrrrrrrr I have a cat. Her name is Peeve. I got her for our grand kids. She runs and hides when they come around. : ( She loves to sleep with me If I'm in my Lazy Girl chair. She's so homely. Oh my. I picked her out in a dark room. I could feel her softest fur and loud purr. I loved that. I didn't notice that she was ......uh ........homely.    boo hoo. 


    You know what men say ......." All cats are gray in the dark "

    LOL. Funny, mcm. I asked for that one.

    he's beautiful,Daren. Is he a Maine Coon ?

     All 3 of my cats stopped off here by me at the computer, one by one.They all stopped to say Hi and " scratch me, Mommy.Love me, Mommy.Pay attention to me ! "


    Yes "Peaches" found his way "downeast" into our loving arms and made us an offer we couldn't refuse.?

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