Is an I-pad Air easy to learn? (It surrrre doesn't look like it! Got a new one today) : (

    Our Mac lap top which we've had about a year and a half was not fixable.  So now we've got this toy-looking Mac product. Both of my grandchildren (8 & 6) have one. Surely I'll be able to learn, Anybody have one?  My laptop never worked right after I spilled water on it and paid $800  to have it fixed. It was a rip off. I've had Macs for 25 years and I'm kind of afraid to buy something else.  
    I was looking at those WOW computers for (ahem) old people. Anybody have one of those? They're supposed to be easy to use.  


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    Haven't got one itsmee, don't intend getting one, this "may" help you though, seems simple enough.


    I'll check it out. I'll get a book. I asked the "kid" at the Mac store if they had a book I could study so I could understand. He looked at me like I was nuts and said "We don't carry ANY paper products" I tell you, I felt 80!

    Most of these products don't come with adequate instructions, I think that's why akaQA is here....LOL!

    Yes. We serve a service that isn't well recognized. You do, anyway. I have my moments.

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