how do i take out a gas tank on a 1999 oldsmobile eighty eight lss

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    Make sure the gas tank is as empty as you can get it. Disconnect battery, disconnect fuel fill hose from the top (not from the tank). Jack up the rear end of the car and put jack stands under the axle. Chock front wheels for added safety. Crawl under remove skid plate if your car has one and then disconnect wiring to the fuel pump. Unbolt gas tank have a friend under with you to keep the tank stable as you remove the bolts. Drop the tank slowly, watching carefully to make sure there is nothing else that needs to be removed/disconnected (there may be a fuel filter near the tank) as the tank comes down. Dropping a tank is pretty simple and straight forward. I did it myself years ago with no advance instructions. Just got under, looked around and figured it out. 

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