Is there any difference between overweight and obesity?

    According to me obesity and overweight refers to excess weight, heavy there really any difference between overweight and obesity?

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    Being overweight means you have an excess amount of body weight, compared to set standards. This excess weight may come from muscle, bone, fat and/or body water.
    Being obese means you have an excess amount of body fat. Everyone needs a certain amount of body fat for stored energy, heat insulation and other functions.
    Men with more than 25 percent body fat and women with more than 30 percent body fat are considered obese.

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    Over weight is me, obesity is me plus 70 lbs………..

    Overweight, obese, fat. All mean the same thing. Some like to say "heavy" or "large". All, are extremely hard on organ function and especially the heart.     :(

    To me, overweight is the experience of struggling to get out of bed, making excuses to eat a little more, having difficulty walking up-stairs, sitting more than walking, aches and pains nearly all the time, shortness of breath, irritated when asked to do anything that involves answering or getting up to do anything. Insulting everyone near and dear enough to get them out of your life, all fattening foods taste wonderful and the thought of baked everything makes your mouth water even if you just ate 4 plates of food at an all you eat diner after 3 large desserts. Some folks call that a food addiction...progressively disabling with a fork. Controlling a food addiction is a life or death choice. No excuse to eat more can satisfy the urge to eat more. It is a choice only you can wisely choose to live with.    

    Being obese indicates you have an excess amount of excess fat. Everyone needs a certain amount of body fat with regard to stored energy, heat insulating material and other functions. Men using more than 25 present body fat and women using more than 30 present body fat are considered overweight. Being overweight means you have an extra amount of body weight, compared to established standards. This excess weight will come from muscle, bone, body fat and/or body water. Being overweightmeansyou have anextraamount ofbody weight, compared toestablishedstandards. Thisexcess weightwill comefrommuscle, bone, body fat and/or bodywater. Being obeseindicatesyou have anexcessamount ofexcess fat. Everyone needsa certain amount ofbody fatwith regard tostoredenergy, heatinsulating materialand otherfunctions. Menusing more than25 presentbody fatand womenusing more than30 presentbody fatare consideredoverweight.

    The only trouble with over weight & obese is when you stand on a mirror and cant see what there? Oh! forgot to mention the shock it could give your organs also the hearth.

    My understand of this overweight, for every pound gain your heart has too pump an extra mile of blood which will reduce your life span.

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