Are angels a symbol of Christianity?

    I got my friend a beautiful angel for her birthday. She is definitely not a church goer. She wouldn't be offended but she might be confused. There are so many types of Angels. I know they're in the bible and in pictures hovering over the manger ... What?

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    Since angels were around before Christianity was created I personally would say no. Angels belong to everyone who believes in them, no matter their religious convictions.  


    I believe you are right. : )

    Angels are a feature of several religions, Abrahamic, Zoroastrian, Islamic and newer ones such as Mormonism.

    Can you believe that there is a branch of theology called 'angelology'?


    Interesting. I'll be looking them up.

    Angels were around before Christ, were pre-Christ as it were. I believe in them but not as most do.


    I went to a Catholic school when I was in the first grade. It was Hell. One of the nuns was just sadistic. A little boy wet his pants and she made him stand in the corner with his back to the class. She was huge and she did not smell good. (This isn't typical of nuns. It's just where I went) I have written a story about my life at the convent. Statues lined the halls and they stared at me all mean like. I thought maybe I had sinned. When I read well, I got these card that had scary pictures. There were not many angels or lambs. I hadn't thought about this for years. Pardon, I got carried away.
    Somewhere in it all I learned about Guardian Angels. I have one now. The Angel never left me.
    How do you believe in them, Julie.

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