What do you consider to be a fair wage for the average Walmart worker?

    This is related to the wage protests of this company. Some say 25000 dollars per year minimum! What do you think??

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    More than the pay, the hours they offer need to be addressed. Due to Obamacare, Walmart has cut work hours to below 34 hours per week so they do not have to pay for healthcare and depending on state minimum wage, that is what they pay mostly. This creates a very small paycheck for workers, so small that many Walmart workers are forced to seek help from welfare. This has added to the strain of the welfare system and food stamps, causing a cut in food stamp allotments across the board. This year for the first time ever, many Walmart stores put out donation boxes for the workers to try and get food for the worker's Thanksgiving meal. Corporate did this which shows they know they do not pay enough or offer enough hours but would rather depend on strangers and the welfare system to support their workers rather than take the initiative to give the workers enough pay to live on.

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    I was hired on as a Sam's Club employee back in 2003.   I was a cashier, door greeter and I worked in soft lines occasionally. My starting wages were 9.50 an hour and I was pleased as punch because  this was above minimum wage  and I was  recently divorced trying to make a living for my young son and myself   

    Kinda depends on what the local.  I think here in the Bay Area (san Francisco) They pay $11.00.  This is too low for this area but also good benefits add to this. My son works for a division of Walmart. (VUDU) - He does very well but his job is marketing. 

    Minimum wage plus a couple of bucks. I’d work for that! 

    Minimum wage in Canada, varies from province to province paying anywhere from $9.95 to $10.54. Wal-mart is forced by law, to pay no less than that. In most cases, they will pay slightly more than minimum and sometimes include additional benefits as well.

    Please define "Average Walmart Worker".


    Cashier, greeter, stock person salespeople.

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