if you have a very scary friend that you notis that he has a gun what would you do

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    Is your friend an ex convict? If so, he can not have a gun. Call the police. If your friend is young (under legal age) tell his parents and call the police. Does your friend use drugs and wave his gun around? Stay away from this person. Call the police if you feel threatened. If you are merely afraid of guns even if the gun owner is a responsible gun owner, stay in your house and have no friends. More people than not have guns.

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    Why would you continue a relationship with "a scary friend", with or without a gun? Someone who scares you, should never even be a part of your life.

    Avoid this guy and stop calling him “friend”………..

    Scary friends are NOT friends.  Report the person to a parent or teacher or police.  I assume you are young and any really bad feelings need to be checked out.  If  you are older you would know what to do. Be careful but don't be afraid to speak up to a trusted person!

    "Scary" in what sense?

    Keep away from him !!

    Better SAFE than sorry...use caution to stay well out of range...for your own sake...let the police handle this situation! If after the proper evaluations this person has ANY disorders that seem "out of the ordinary"...STAY AWAY. You can't expect this SCARY person to be stable...even in the smart and safe...then, you've got to take into concideration what could happen to someone other than yourself...YOU may be able to avoid a tragic situation. Now I have a question for YOU! What will you do with the advice that you've gotten from us here?

    Don't get him mad & take the advice of Colleen and others on this page.  Stay alive.

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