Would you let your young children have a sleep over in the home where Dad has been diagnosed with ptsd from the war in Afghanastan?

    The couple has two daughters  just the age of my grand daughters. Seems to me like a great family but I don't know much about ptsd.   Just give your best guess.

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    it depends on his actions. Does he drink ecessively ? Does he do street drugs or abuse Rx drugs ? Does he hit his wife and / or kids ? Does he have a temper to the point that he yells and swears loudly about something trivial ? The vietnam vets had PTSD too, but nobody addressed it back then. Many of my peers had a rocky marriage b/c of vietnam related PTSD.

    Good answer. I will pass your information on to my daughter who asked me.

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    Many people live with ptsd. It is not easy and it can be hazardous to those around folks with ptsd. If I had that with frequent episodes  I would seek to sleep alone, outside the home recovering over time  where I would not bother others or harm myself in the night, locked in. I have seen this in others and  know it can be emotionally hazardous to others and sometimes physically hazardous also. 


    I think I need to do some reading, robertgrist.

    Sure I would. My dad served in the Korea War and I’m sure he had ptsd and he was a great father.  It would depend on how I felt about the dad myself probably…...


    Yes, Julie ... I came to that conclusion. My daughter and her husband are very protective. I think the question came to me because she didn't have a clue what the problem is. (I don't know much ... just a little)

    If the family feels comfortable enough to invite others to spend the night in their home, I would suspect the condition is being treated medically and psychologically/psychiatrically.
    Your granddaughters' parents can be tactful and honest in asking if the kids will aggravate the illness.  If it is not a secret, then a thoughtfully worded question should resolve all doubt. 

    I'm embarrassed for the way  questions about alcohol, drugs, and  abuse are being asked like it's a "given".  Those aren't conditions/situations that are generally common knowledge in the community.  Show some respect and tact, for goodness sake.  


    I just went looking for How To Hard Boil An Egg. I was faced with about 50 different cooks advice. Arghhh!
    That is one of the reasons why I like to come here with my questions. I KNOW the experts. If an answer isn't right for my circumstances I can tell.
    You put all our brains together and you come up with a REALLY REALLY bright brain. (tee hee)
    Now about that dang egg ... I'm just gonna dump them in a pan and hope for the best.
    I didn't quite understand your comment, but I do know that she plans on talking to the mom and dad tonight.

    Love your attitude, itsmee! In explanation, my comment was in response to the negative expectation of most who have responded to your question that the man is a danger to his home and society. There is a lot of assumption here that the kids' dad is Jack Nicholson in "The Shining". I really hope your daughter's fears are assuaged after talking with the friends' parents.


    hello dear, depends on the actions off the person with ptsd,does he drink??? does he follow therapy ( much needed),sometime the ptsd ilness can be adjusted within the normal life off the soldier,i would not leave my kids alone with him for a long time every day, but every person with ptsd reacts different,so iff he  is not violent ,and not has screaming dreams whre the kid,s are in the same room, they should not be held to much apart from his kids is not good  

    much strength and good held from cornell maarssen


    I know that ptsd is difficult to recover from but it does seem like common sense. Parents need to know A LOT about any family where their children will spend the night. I appreciate your answer.

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