Message from Lindilou-update on Storm

    "I just wanted everyone to know that Storm is progressing so well right from the start and my feeling is that everyone has helped so much by sending her the best vibes and healing prayers on Earth and to just keep it up...not just for Storm but for each other as well because this stuff really works!
    Just look at the miracle that was performed for my precious child! It was heavy duty stuff going on there...just take a good close look at the before and after x-rays...amazing! We are so thankful for this incredible technology. It has changed Storm's life. She is beginning to walk again and took about a dozen steps on her own yesterday! She is also good to go swimming again and we've gone twice already though it was really a paddling session for her legs on both steps as it were!
    Thanks again for all your encouragement and good wishes on this journey!"
    With Love and Peace xox LindiLou and Stormy too! xox 

    Before and after


     (she asked me to post this for her because she could not get the image to post) 

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    Thanks for posting this for me Colleen! ;) xox LL

    No problem Lindi, happy to help :)

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    Thank you for posting the exrays as they give the definitive view of the remarkable improvement!  SOOOO happy for you and Storm!  God's miracles have no boundaries, as far as I'm concerned! 


    As above from from me Lindilu,xxx for you and Storm,

    This is one of those miracles Bobby...see how crooked she was...I can't call her my crooked little Rose anymore...omg she is so beautiful.
    And thank you Hector5559 xxx to you too!

    As Lindilou and Storm know, my positive thoughts are always with them, it's good to hear she's doing so well after some very serious stuff.


    Thank you KOTF! She is such a trooper!! Thanks for the good vibes baby! xo LL

                                               Thank God for these brilliant surgeons !

    May Storm continue to gain strength each day. All the best to lindilou and Storm. 


    Thanks so much Pythonlover...she actually just scared the heck out of me as she opened the door for me to come back indoors!! LOL
    A nice surprise! ;)

    Awww,see,she is getting stronger every day.

    That is good news Lindilou and Storm Keep up the good work.


    We are and we will clu...thanks honey! xox LL

    Today is a good day.  Thanks for the great news…..jhh


    Hi sweet Jules...I hope all is well with you and yours too well! xox LL

    PTL for modern medical techniques that will enable Storm to live a normal, happy childhood . And PTL that  all our prayers here for Storm are working. Those xrays are quite dramatic .


    Praise The Lord mcm! xo

    That is almost unbelievable! What a great advance in surgery and how awesome for Storm! Continued thoughts and prayers to you both.    :)

    That's wonderful news, what fantastic surgery. love and best wishes to you lindilou and storm. xx

    Great news Lindi Lou. all the best.

    So glad to see a miracle right before my eyes. Storm: You are the star of akaQA. Lindilou, you are the other star. You girls and your doctors did great. Bravo. Everybody stand up and clap hard. We will give them a standing ovation. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo


    Just send Chocolates!!! LOL
    Thanks we love you too!! ;)

    I'll send my love and HALF the chocolates.

    My computer is messed up but I opened it up and there was Storm and lindilou. The report was from three months ago and I do believe we need an update.
    lindilou, I miss your songs, your laughs, your vital information on Planet Earth ... and now a health report.
    Hi Storm: You have the cutest face. Do you take after your mama? xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxx

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