Has your cat ever had feline lice ?

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    No but if you are looking for how to get rid of them, I found this information: 

    Feline lice are relative easy to eliminate. Medicated shampoos, sprays, and powders usually contain pyrethrin and are administered daily for about two weeks to ensure that all of the nits have been killed. A dip in a 2 percent lime-sulfur solution is also effective. The chemical fipronil has also been approved for treating infested cats. In most cases, flea and tick foggers are unnecessary to cleanse the animal's environment but may be necessary in severe cases or multianimal households. Feline lice spend their entire lives on their hosts.

    Feline lice will not feed on humans or nonfeline animals. Nits can survive some treatments, hatch, and cause a repeat outbreak, so it is important to administer shampoos, sprays, and powders for multiple days. Clean all grooming utensils to ensure no eggs are readministered. The life cycle of feline lice is approximately 21 days. They can easily be transmitted from one cat to another.

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    You can get front line which you put on the back of the cats neck please read the instructions ie weight etc this does the trick but you must use a spray for the house wash all cats bedding and spray near radiators as the flees eggs will lay near where its warm if your cat goes on the your bed spray that as well and all carpets if you do not do the house the flees will start to hatch and start biting you for a meal do the cat and the house at the same time and when spaying the house do one room at a time and open the window and try not to breath the spray in then shut off each room with window open about a hour you can shut the window and open doors

    Thankyou, Colleen and Mel. I keep a clean house, but I think my one cat got lice from the outdoors,or maybe one of my friends brought it over here from her 4 cats. I have another friend with 2 cats --who's cat has scabs from some kind of bites.I only allow my cats to go out for about 20 min everyday and not at night.

    Mycatsmom really pleased you never let your cats out at night yes your friend could have brought them on her spray her in future lol xxx

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