What is the life expectancy in months for a patient affected by chronic myeloid leukemia?

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    See information here.....

    The patient's doctor should also be able to answer your question.

    There is a lot more chance of survival than there was 20 years ago, I think it depends alot on where you live nowadays as well. Only a doctor can answer you question really.  

    When my freind's daughter got it , ( she's 57 ) They gave her  5 months to one year. It's been 2 years now  and she's doing better than ever. She's back to driving, ( not very far ) and eating much better. She had about 3 rounds of chemo. At one time, we didn't think she was going to make it.But, she's taken a turn for the better. We think it's b/c her whole church was praying for her. We were praying for her too.

    That depends on many factors, some patients will live for 21-45.5 months and a few people can live for 7-20 years. However, whatever kinds of diseases, the positive mood plays a very vital role in treatment. What's more, there are all kinds of advanced technologies have been utilized to study on the leukemia disease, such as myeloid cell leukemia sequence, which is for research use. 

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