Only 53 spam messages today

    We all get "spam".  Do you look through yours for a message that should have come to your in box or just delete them all sight unseen.  
    I do check, and once in a while, there's something misplaced into spam. 

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    I get quite a lot daily, mainly from facebook and stupid adverts, I do check them just in case there is something important that slipped in there(which is rare)luckily enough I can clear them all with one click.


    Ah the all inclusive click. One of their better ideas

    Make it 54: ""


    Very clever, Clonge! Love it (and my son loves Spam). Notice it is chopped pork and ham...isn't HAM made from pork???

    I would have to look it up. Maybe it is in some cases, but I'm a ham and I am not made from pork!

    I like pastrami, but hams are good!

    Thanks, but I'm better than good!

    OK, how about this: I like pastrami, but hams are the best!

    Much better!

    Spam filter takes care of it all.When my business was up & running I would get up to 100 every day.

    Yup! Swine is swine is swine....I'm waiting for them to make a BACON flavored spam...!!! That would change it up a


    Have you seen the price of bacon? Bacon Spam would probably cost $10/can!!

    Heck...I never checked any spam...always delete them as fast as I realize they are there.Don't know why,for sure, I'm a bit illiterate when it comes to the difference between "spam or Email..."Nobody that I know even knows what my email address is,so I get stuff from mainly advertisers...


    The really sad thing about my spam is that three or four "people" will send me ads that have the exact same subject line. There's 3-4 emails that are identical...and unwelcome

    I with you Bob, I scan my SPAM before I hit delete or empty the spam folder. And yes, I’ve found email letters in there……...

    In the old days of chat rooms people thought spam was unwanted mail like today ... I don't think they even knew that REAL Spam in a CAN even existed.

    I don't like the Spam gel. No No!

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