What's your most treasured memory.

    Mine is meeting my daughter & Grand daughter at the Brisbane international Airport on their return from China. My grand daughter (then 3 years old) ran the entire length of the concourse calling "Grandad,grandad".Everybody on the concourse stopped & stared.Some people actually cried.(Including me).Geez it was nice to get that greeting.I will never forget.

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    You can probably still hear her little voice! I can hear my mom's "Hello" when she answered the phone...hope to never forget it.

    Strange ... I can hear her calling "Grandad, grandad!"

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    Finding my Mother lying dead in her favourite chair, upsetting to me and all the family, sudden death, but I will always treasure the moment I found her and always remember all that she taught me and always hope I live up to her hopes and ideals.


    I'm sure you do Roy.

    it's nice that she didn't suffer a long, tortuous illness

    There is no doubt that you do meet and exceed her wishes for you. From what I can tell with only knowing you from aka. Regards

    <gulp> Beautiful, ROMOS.

    I remember quite well the day each of my sons was born.  Those are certainly treasured memories, and no way could one be more treasured than another.  
    They were such cute "kids"


    Cute, and they have your eyes too!

    Ha ha, Bob and bustione.

    The day i met my wife ..oh what a day it was a beautiful summer day on Bostons waterfront she was with a group of friends as well as I ..It was love at first sight !! I can still see it clearly in my mind..

    Being called the best Crawler in the Batterey,as i got nearest  to the Sergent Major with my dummy Granade,

    When my children were born, being given that 10 lb. child in my arms after the birth, (got kicked out of the delivery, as it was to be a section).  With the second, I went to "section class" and saw him delivered!  I will not forget the emotion of it all...  And the wife couldn't have been more proud, presenting two beautiful children to me.

    Seeing my first daughter born. In those days (1967) fathers were not encouraged to be present at the delivery but fortunately objections were overcome.

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