Do your remember your first question on akaQA. (or your first answer)


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    I remember it well, 2yrs past yesterday, my question was (Is tramadol addictive?) got a lot of good answers so I stuck around.

    Tramadol IS addictive BTW.


    My first was: How do I stop my 4-year-old grand daughter from circling the table and knocking down chairs. I got lots of good answers so I stuck around. (She only did it that one day. She went on to other things!)
    ROMOS: around here we call tramadol -- TRAUMADOLL. Ha!

    I remember my answer to that. I told you to turn the chairs over before she got there.

    itsmee, I remember that question about your granddaughter.My late husb used to say as soon as they're done going thru a stage, you say glad that's over, then they go thru another different one!

    I know. Oh, I do know. I had 12 preschoolers in my daycare/preschool. Someone was always in a stage, leaving a stage, or entering a stage. When I have a problem with my very own kids I lose all perspective. Colleen, I remember your answer and I vaguely remember turning them over,

    I remmember (One of) my very first Questions. It was a Question about one of my cars that was puzzling me.I received a very rude answer at the time from a regular who called himself "Expert".He's no longer with us.(So sad).Oddly enough 2 years later I got the answer I was looking for from a different person.


    So, better late than never?

    He's still with us. He just uses a different name now.

    Oh whooooooo? whooooo? LOL

    I think most of the bad actors on here have been flushed out, or they reformed.

    I respectfully disagree!


    Yes a mechanical question about a riding lawnmower. 

    My first question was "Burial or Cremation?". Basically, which do you prefer for you. I do not remember what my first answer was exactly but it was to this crazy woman (she truly was crazy IMO). She was posting the most horrible things about homosexuals, fire and brimstone, h3ll and devil worshipers (which she was calling gay people) along with some pretty colorful language.  Everything she posted was a nasty rant and mostly all caps. She left a few weeks after I joined probably because she wasn't getting much support from the other members here at the time. 


    I never met her. I was here real early. I had a question a bit later on and it was: Buriel, Cremation, or Green? (Nobody knew was a Green Buriel was. I wonder if they do now?

    You may have joined just after she left. Because of your question, I now know what a green burial is.

    That woman must have been possessed herself. But, I don't remember her postings

    The question, of course!  I remember the variety of answers and the sincerity that accompanied nearly every one of them.  I asked if one could have sex with a friend and still maintain the friendship.  There's no definitive answer, I've learned; every relationship is different.  

    Yes.. I do.. "is this a christian site? "    or something to that effect i believe.


    daren ,prob b/c we were always debating God and Jesus.

    'Is this a Christian website'.

    That was my first question I believe because at that time the site was 80% discussions about religion. Primarily Christian.


    Between who i wonder,?????O,L,L,

    It's changed.

    Yes, I was  very happy about akaQA b/c I thought maybe someone else here has a PT Cruiser and can answer my question about it that even mechanics were vague about.


    I had a pt cruiser. I loved the way it looked. Unfortunately, it didn't last long.

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