Do the cat flea products in the store work ? My vet says no. He says to use his, but they're too $ $ $

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    The collars will not work if the cat is already infested with fleas.

    Thank you Mel, and Colleen and everybody for the good info.

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    Front line works on the back of the the neck please read the instructions for weight etc but if the flees keep coming back you have them in the house you must spray the house all carpets and wash cats bedding and spray the collars I don't like as they can really burn the cats neck they make the fur really thin around the neck then they can get chemical burns from wearing these and it still is not proven a 100% proven that they work because most flees will live near the tummy and along the spine the best thing to do is check every week to see if there are flees you might not see the flees but you will see what they call flee dirt which is really dried blood if you find little black dirt pick it off and put on tissues and wet if it turns red it's flee dirt which as I said is your cats blood

    We use Fontline, it seems to work ok , you can get this from the vet or off the shelf, I don't really like collars, i just feel that they are a bit dangerous for the cat, if it gets hooked on something, that worries me.

    They do but, not for long. The vets one is more effective and lasts for a month. The store bought ones last a few days.


    ok, so that explains it .Thanks, Python.

    My cat, Peanut, has a basic flea/tic collar.  I NEVER see her scratch, and I've yet to find a flea on her.  I think the collar cost less than $6


    Guess I'll try one again. I tried that and wasn't sure if it was working.

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