is it just faintly sissy for a guy to get a pedicure? (he does not have diabetes)

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    no not if hes got only one arm
    yes it is.

    thumb up ; )
    I get a pedicure nearly every month, from a very pretty lady, I might add. Wife insists on it, and the enamel she puts on is clear. You can call me a sissy if you want ... don't care! :o)
    It's certainly better than having ugly looking feet, so no.

    i sure think it is. i was just wondering, you know?
    No, that is like asking " Is a guy a sissy for liking other guys" Dont worry lots of men get pedicures ^_^

    i sure didn't mean it that way. apologies.
    You need a shovel to do a pedicure on me, I love working on my race car.
    I think it's kind of metro sexual, personally I'd prefer fishing, camping or mountain bike riding. But, if you are confident in your manlihood and don't worry about what other people think than, I'm sure it's fine.

    Especially if it's a beautiful woman who's giving the pedicure. It's nice to get taken care of now and then. Hopefully none of your friends will be around to snap a picture and tease you for years to come, so yes most men do consider it to be a little sissyish.

    It's entirely up to the individual though, hope this helps.
    Certainly not, why should men's feet suffer less from corns, hard skin and pain? Pedicures are wonderful for either sex.

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