i have a garmin nuvi 205w device, how do i update it?

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    If you would like to update the maps on your nüvi you will need to make sure that the nüvi is registered in a myGarmin account.

    If you have not yet registered your nüvi:
    Go to
    Follow the instructions onscreen to register.
    After you have created an account please do the following:
    Click Register
    Select the type of Garmin product you are registering i.e. Garmin Device or Accessory
    Type in the serial number
    Download the Garmin Communicator Plug In
    Follow the instructions onscreen to register.
    To check for map updates after you have registered:
    Go to
    Sign in with your username and password
    Click Manage Maps and Downloads
    Click Update Available if there is an available update for your device
    Select the Download or DVD option*
    Click Add to Cart
    Click Checkout
    Follow the instructions onscreen to purchase the map update.

    Go to Garmin's website (you may need to create a dashboard account) >>

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