How do I get details of the shares held by my deceased wife. I am the executor and sole beneficiary of her estate.

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    There should be statements from the brokerage firm or company of which she held stock.  You can contact those companies and get whatever information you need by supplying the necessary documents (one of which will be a death certificate).  Please discuss this with your attorney.  
    My condolences for your loss.  

    Your lawyer should be able to get all details of the entire estate for you. I assume you have one who is handling the settlement?

    You have to contact the group her shares are through. 

    Sorry about your wife.

    1. Do you have the original WILL of your wife?

    2. If yes, that will likely show where her brokerage account is. Contact the broker in person and have copy of the Will (certified) and a copy of death certficate for the broker.

    3. Depending on the quantum of the money involved, the transfer of the account in your name could b done fast.

    4 If the estate is large, you will have to get the Will Probated - a long procedure.

    5. If you happen have the share certficate accessible and that is the extent of the estate, take it to the Share Regisrar with documents in 2 above for them to issue a cert in your name.

    6 IF there is no WILL, the process is long and costly. 

    7. As a CAUTION, don't run to a lawyer in a hurry because it could get costly. Good luck.

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