What's on the menu for Thanksgiving this year? Who's on the guest list?

    My sister is planning a mostly family ordeal the Sunday before.  Two turkeys cooked different ways, stuffing, mashed turnip or cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes, spinach salad, yams with a spicy butter (no brown sugar or marshmallows), Mom's sweet carrots.  Desserts to include pumpkin something or other made by my middle son, something chocolate made by me.  
    I'd like to have a small gathering at my mom's on Thanksgiving, leaving "her" chair empty. Not sure about the menu or if it will even happen. 

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    Your sister's menu sounds pretty appetising.T G is not celebrated over here.Thank goodness.It's too close to Xmas.We're only just now getting used to the idea of Halloween.:)


    We do have a bunch of biggies all crammed into a short period. It's hard to imagine Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas being summertime holidays! Santa in that velvet suit in Fresno at 110? I don't think so....
    Have a good week, Tom!!

    Thanks Phil.We're off to the Gold Coast house for a week (maybe 2).For a bit of R & R.

    Enjoy! Keep in touch with us!! Be safe.

    Thanksgiving is over.....October 14, 2013.     :)



    The Canadian Thanksgiving ? And you have boxing day too, don't you? ......after Christmas.

    Yep...just a mile and a half over the bridge from you. Don't you ever go to Windsor?

    My wife looks forward to Thanksgiving and any holiday for tha matter. She will start 3 days ahead buying, then the process of preparing then all the family/neighbors come over for their free food and when its over I must listen to her for the next 3 days telling me she is never going to do this again and that everyone comes, eats and never brings anything and they are all cheapskates. LOL!!  I love it!!

    I am fortunate, I have a great culinary artist for a wife, I too am a chef  with 30+ years in the restaurant business but I am no longer allowed in the kitchen because i am messy. My mistake because I taught her all our family secrets so she doesn't need me anymore in the kitchen. I'm ok with that though. :)

    This year, she's started a bit early though, we went shopping last Thursday and I already saw thanksgiving specialties in the basket. And yes, she's already begin notifying the cheapskates. It has been at least 20 years since we have ever went to anyone's home for any holiday dinner. 


    I love the planning! Mom and I would make guest lists and menu lists and grocery lists. Then we'd do it again and it would be just as much fun!
    My parents were always the entertainers. Maybe it's because nobody can hold a candle to you and Mrs. Vinny

    Nah, its pretty much they are cheapskates. Ironically, last night we were invited to an anniversary party, we went but we had to bring gifts and food. :) I had fun though, I played piano, I danced, I mingled with people I don't even know and only got told to behave myself once!! and I didn't drink alcohol either! I kinda like going to other people's homes and acting all out of control. Probably won't happen again for many years. :(

    My mom's generation would have found the piano player to be THE life of the party. You wouldn't have had to say a word! Glad you had fun! It's fun imagining you in action :D

    We are handing it over to our son and daughter in law this year, for one year, too much going on at our house (daughter and her family living with us 3+ mo.).  The kids and their spouses with our grandkids, my best man (daughters' God father) and his wife, my brother and his partner, and two partnered guys, friends of daughter in law.  Menu will be typical turkey and ham dinner with fixings, with some special dishes from the invited to make it interesting...


    Maybe it will be nice being a guest for a change! :D

    Yes, with my wife's mom gone this fall, you know... Less stress on my wife. And important to our son to host for a change.

    Hope it is a day filled with laughter and one you'll all remember with happy memories.

    And you with your family also, this is when we really know the true value of a good family, regards. I want is turkey!

    terryfossil 1

    I had turkey in Heidelberg once,,sorry mate gimme a chook any day of the week,,,Good thing i am an Aussie and not American..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Maybe it was just the was it was prepared?

    Maybe it was just the was it was prepared?

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