advocacy letter for a family cancelled Ontario Works benefit from legal aid


    I want to write a letter of advocacy for a parent who cancelled his Ontario Works benefit. He did not report his job search on time due to his wife was in hospital and he has also to taker his children. He is an immigrant who cannot speak or write English. How can I help him out by writing letter of advocacy or a legal aid can write and help him to get back his Ontario Works benefit?

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    Don't bother with the letter right now. Call and speak to a case worker. Explain the situation and get an appointment for both you and your friend to go see them personally.

    You can find the contact numbers here:

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    You are so Canada it is truly the luck of the draw..letters are only good if they are requested and faxed versus mailing because alas here in Canada the poor little ponies tend to lose your mail in heavy winds and blizzards etcetera so there is no guarantee that a letter will ever get there...a real live human is the only way to go here...and luck...lotsa luck!

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