I have a gmail address. How do I edit an incoming e-mail which has text only every third line and would take about 5 or 6 pages to print off?

    have a gmail e-mail address. How do I edit an incoming e-mail which has only text every third line and would use about 5 pages to print off?

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    You can not edit the e-mail directly. You can copy and paste it to a program like Word or Notepad, and remove the spaces by pasting it all together without the spaces, then print it. 

    Thankyou Colleen, I'll try that if I can succeed with the Copy & Paste bit.    The Arc.


    How to copy/paste

    In the future, use the "comment this answer" option to reply back. The person you are conversing with will then get an alert that you replied. Then you won't have to wait 7 hours to hear back from them ;)

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