Are you ready for winter ?

    Better get ready! Check your pipes outside. Get antifreeze in vehicles checked. Within three weeks there is a high degree of chance of record cold temps in US.

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    No way is this girl ready for that kind of cold.  I'm still wearing shorts most days!  But, good advice...time to make sure the heater's working and get some insulation for the outside pipes, though Tess is likely to chew right through them!  


    The normal cold weather pattern that usually develops in northern Alaska has shifted to northern Canada. It will develop and continue to develop for the next 100 days,getting caught up in the circular weather pattern in the artic. Temps are expected to get 40 degrees below normal at times, breaking off and heading into USA. Two years ago temps got to only 15 degree high for two days here in west texas. More the same. Expect orange juice prices to skyrocket next year.

    We have a tree at my mom/dad's...hopefully we can harvest before it's too late. Tangerine tree, too! Not a fan of cold weather....

    Nope! We just left that behind.Getting ready for summer here. The summer storms are sweeping thru as we speak.(So to speak).

    I think your predictor gadget is stuck in declination panic mode. Mine is stuck on salubrious winter weather, mild, cool nights and an occasional chill with rain a few cold days and spring like weather after January.  


    Its not my gadget. Just repeating what a report I read. Some new weather computer and satellite that detects ozone levels. People in FEMA taking it seriously now.

    The weather folk are not always right. Ozone is like a blanket in the atmosphere not an ice maker.

    I guess so.  Making sure the furnace has a new filter and is working ok; picnic stuff is indoors or in the garage; outside water taps are covered so they dont freeze etc.

    There are no winter here in our country.

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