Friendship can turn into love, but love can not be turned into a friendship.why??

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    Sometimes love CAN turn into a friendship. We've all heard of ex-husbands and ex-wives being very good friends. It usually takes a period of "adjustment" before that happens, but it definitely does happen.

    Marie belle

    maybe u're right and thank you for your interest

    You're welcome.

    I'm thinking you need to address what a friend means to you.  To me a friend is someone who will be there  for you  no matter what . They will comfort you and cheer you on.  As people age you find there are fewer friends and many   neighbors or casual aquaintances  I have heard when you pass on you can count your friends on one hand


    That sure seems to be the truth. When you go to a funeral of an older person, there are very few in attendance. In fairness of course, many friends have already passed on or are in homes or ill. Sad isn't it?

    I haven't passed on yet and I can count my true friends with less than three fingers :)

    Friends (and relatives) can be very disappointing, that's for sure. :(

    I do not agree. I think you must be friends before you can love the other person. Love does not replace the friendship, it strengthens it. 

    Now if you meant losing a friendship because of a failed love relationship, then that is simply because of hurt feelings that may never heal causing anger and dislike of the one who you feel failed you. Tough to get over if you can never forgive. Friendship is based on trust. Trust is lost when the one you love does things that hurt you. They prove that they are not your friend and do not love you as you expect to be loved. There can be no friendship with a person like that. 

    But reading your question as you wrote it, I do believe it's possible that you can love a person when you first meet them (love at first sight) and then build a friendship from that love. 

    I must disagree with your statement, for the same reasons Ducky gave.  It may take time to regress back to platonic friendship, but it happens often.  And, I must also agree with Colleen, love fares better when it has friendship as a base. 
    Sometime, though, the history and the hurt is too difficult to overcome.   

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