Better take your kid(s) to McDonalds!

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    Yep, how to get a fat kid, take it to Mcdonalds ram it full of crap food, do it enough times and you have one fat kid.

    It's probably the McDonalds food that's causing the kid to have tantrums. Fast food is not good food for anyone, let alone kids. The kid would have survived not getting dinner since that is what he chose once his tantrum did not get him the McDonalds crap food that he wanted. Missing one meal on one occasion is not child abuse. These "professionals" are the reason why kids are out of control today. They refuse to let parent's parent and teach their kids that there are consequences to their actions. 

    What the world needs now is more lawyers and more psychiatrists and more child psychologists. Once we all have these as our personal consultants, we'll be so much better off. (For those of you who don't grasp sarcasm, this is sarcasm!)

    The mother should not make it so obvious that she has never heard a thing about proper nutrition. She makes herself appear quite lacking in intelligence and/or common sense.


    The mother was so obviously being disrespectful of the child's father. It's going to be a real tough road for that little boy if the parents don't get on the same page at least some of the time.
    EGO, REVENGE, and RETALIATION don't belong in child-rearing.
    (Your sarcasm is never lost on me. I love it)

    Thanks Bob. I know you are among those who "get it". I never have to explain. :)

    I think Dad did exactly the right thing.  He gave the kid a choice.  Just because what the kid wanted wasn't one of the options doesn't change the fact the kid had a choice.  Any time a kid throws a tantrum, it's a sorry parent who caves...if not now, definitely in the future.
    Go Dad!  Stick to your principles.  MOM is the one who needs a closer look as far as custody goes.  

    What Colleen has said is correct children need boundaries always plus they need routines a happy child is a child that knows what is coming next early to bed good home cooked food lots of fruit and veg no fizzle drinks so much sugar which makes kids get hiper Plus no Es in their food follow these rules and you will have a happy child I would keep children away from Macdonalds the food is not good for kids if you have to use them use them as a treat

    The beginnings of a democrat !!!!

    I       think it's ok   once in awhile for a treat. The prob is that too many mothers ( and fathers ) routinely take their kids there, b/c it's quick, easy and cheap.

    But, I told the kids that I tutored that I was going to take them all to Mc Donalds for an end of tutoring season treat  to celebrate how good they were and how much they've accomplished.

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