is it cruel for a jockey to use a whip on a racehorse

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    How does that differ much from us getting Fido to roll over on command, or to fetch, etc.  In the training, there must be appropriate methods of training, no hooks,etc.  Whips are not inhumane, if used properly.  Spurs, another story, many use them and they can be used too harshly.  How about a horse bit, can that be used?  I think the analogy of discipline of a child was given to show that some restraint, reprimand, etc. can be used which is not abusive.  It too however, can be overdone.  Our animals do not have the mental capacity to understand the systems of punishment which is counting, sit in the corner, time out, etc. which we more commonly use today with children.  As to use of animals for our recreation and entertainment, would you agree to discontinue this altogether, and use computers for our entertainment instead.  I would not like to go to a zoo without live animals, a farm which has no animals, or fewer, may have genetic altered animals to produce more with fewer animals, or none at all.  Do you want  your child to eat these foods cultured artificially?  I also am in favor of development of medications and procedures using animals as research models.  I want the products tested first, on species other than man.  If we think about it, the Bible also says we are over all creatures, doesn't it?  Science sure does! 


    The bible also states that though we are to use animals for our own needs, we are also responsible for their protection against abuse. Using them as test subjects for medicines is abusive. Apparently you've not seen the suffering that animals go through as test subjects. Man can find a better way than to torture animals just to find a cure for human ailments.
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    all animals should be treated humanly ,if you must kill an animal,do it quickly,animals for experiments should still be treated humanly ,outside of that kill for food or self defence i go with 85 percent of what you say....................

    Busieone have you ever ever seen these experiments on live animals where they scream and you never ever forget the noise they make have you ever been or seen on videos of farms let alone the slaughter houses where these animals are beaten yes in your country my country it's everywhere baby pigs thrown to the ground kicked punched then if they are lucky they would have died quick horse slaughter punched hit with hammers and this is all for the human race who don't give a dam* about where there food comes from and zoos where most Elephants are beaten to succumb and bow down you don't what the heck you are talking about I know you have your opinion well this is mine please do research on this ,,,,you want from animals if you saw what I have seen you would never ever say what you are saying open your eyes this is the real world it's not coated in fluffy clouds and sugar coated ....

    And the bible is talking crap sorry how can we be better than animals I don't think so animals may not talk you have the exsperiments rather than the animals how dare you say this I am so angry

    I have worked with research animals, and to be truthful, I think that a vaccine or medication for children is worth the cost of the rodents who may have been sacrificed for the development of a medication, or surgical technique. In fact, I once donated two young piglets, one 5 lb. and one 12 lb. which were going to be used to do a "dry run" on heart transplants to allow the surgery a better chance of saving a baby who needed the heart of another who would not survive. If this were YOUR child, or family, would you feel the same way? And the fact that there ARE facilities which are not ethical and humane, does not mean that the majority should be disregarded as successful. Also, I know that when a farmer raises his animals humanely, and they are due to go to slaughter, PROFESSIONAL slaughter facilities know that stressed animals are poor meat quality, thus not economically feasible. PETA and other organizations have a place in policing these industries, however they sensationalize in order to get donations. Look at the annual reports and salaries of the CEO's of such organizations, you may be questioning their real mission. So, I have been involved in both the animal production and animal industries and do not look at the subject through "fluffy clouds". And I do not pretend to be a Biblical scholar, however, do believe, and thus feel that we were created to make use of beings, as long as humane treatment and respect are practiced. Would you allow your beloved pet to suffer, or have the animal euthanized by the veterinarian? Ask a veterinarian, by the way, if shooting an animal in the head is a humane way to kill it? I think you will be surprised to find out their answer. This is a very difficult subject, as people do become very emotional and blinded by the facts. So sorry if I have upset others with some realities...

    It is cruel for anyone to use a whip on a horse.

    Any thing which evolves in hitting Animals is barbaric I hate horse racing and Dog racing people who ride Elephants people who visit Sea World to watch Dolphins and ORCRA Whales to perform its nothing but Slavery I hate Circuses any thing that makes a animal perform is Cruel and Barbaric the quicker these places shut down the better

    With moderation, and humane treatment, some of these activities may be made tolerable.

    Most good reputable jockeys do not use their whip on the horse itself instead they hit their boot, the sound made has the same effect on the horse without the pain.


    That's true. I do recall now reading about that a long time ago (the hitting the boot bit).

    I think the point of the whip is to quicken the horse's pace, not to abuse or harm him.  It's done with quick flicks and I doubt there's any welts when all is said and done.  If there WERE, though, I would cite the jockey, perhaps suspend him from a number of races.  

    As to children, once in a while  a jolt to the backside may be all that is needed to get a child to discontinue an objectionable behavior.   My grandson TOTALLY understands "no" quite well for being 16 months old, and a pat on his diaper buffered butt even better.


    We have had our grandkids and their parents living with us for almost 4 mo. and I have learned all that I did wrong with raising my children. My daughter reads all the latest materials, and the newest is a system of levying a number to the child for an offense, with no explanation of why it is wrong. The offenses had been covered earlier, and the kids were involved listing them. A minor offense is One, if it continues goes up to a Two, if additional is needed to get to Three, there is a time out equal to age of kid. Some offenses are automatic Three! There is also a time limit, the kid modifies behaviors, and the clock resets back to no numbers. Surprisingly, they responded, also was shared with the pre-school teachers, and his behaviors have improved there too. He is actually happier and healthier. I bought into it with reservations.

    Oh my, bustieone, that sounds very complicated, but it's working, so kudos to your daughter! And to you for supporting her!

    Yes, it's cruel to whip a horse.Sometimes, it gives them welts, adn breaks their skin open . There's a lot of abuse in horse racing. They tie the horse's tongue back and it sticks out the side  of the mouth . They run the horse right before the race too hard, too long,too fast, too young, etc, and when the race starts, the horse has had it and his young, fragile leg breaks. You can actually hear it break if you're outside along the rails. Then, they euthanize the horse, b/c he becomes more of a liability than an asset. The owner doesn't care about horses.......he cares about money.  They also give the horses the drug called Lasix. Someone told me it's for the bleeding in the horse's lungs. That is obviously from the horse being pushed beyond his endurance.


    My goodness, where do you get this information? Who on earth spends millions of dollars on a horse, trainer, and upkeep, and then pulls all that cr*p to destroy him/her.
    The horse IS the money. No one who cares about money is going to allow ANY of that to happen.

    I think it is cruel to hit any animal with a whip or stick, although I do know that when walking through a field of cattle ( as we often do in the UK) it's not a bad idea to have a long stick or walking stick. My Grandfather tought me this, he worked on a farm and would always carry a walking stick, he never ever hit an animal with it, but if the cattle became threatning he would just raise it and they would back off. It's just a case of showing them you are not afraid of them without being cruel. So i'm saying carry a stick or whip but never use it.

    It's OK to use a whip on a child though because the Bible says so: 'Chasten thy son while there is hope and let not thy soul spare for his crying'. Proverbs 19 18:28

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    with a whip??????????????.....i think it says ....spare the rod spoil the child

    That is so, in Proverbs 13:24.
    In face there are about 70 Biblical verses about child discipline: Proverbs 23:13-14, 22:15, 29:15,
    13:24, and a beaut in Deuteronomy 21: 18-21

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