Is there a Honda dealership in White Rock?

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    White Rock Honda
    Address: 2466 King George Hwy, Surrey, BC V4P 1H5, Canada
    Phone:+1 604-536-2111
    Hours: Tuesday 9:00 am – 8:00 pm - See all


    How did the Bowling go Miss,Bob,??

    Oh Hector, it was a disaster. I was 23 pins below average for 9 games. I weigh more than I bowled! Then tonight I shoot 616 for 3 games...much less than what I weigh. But it's always fun, as you know. Thanks for asking, mon ami.

    Thats not bad over a 205 game 616 devide by 3,

    It was a good night though the 6-10 gave me trouble. Our team works well together and I think we are going to be in first place next week. Had a low game of 193 and high game of 223 (open in 1 & 2 frames followed baby a six pack). Got a new ball and it works well. .
    "Hammer" brand, model "Nail".)

    What weight ball 14lbs i guess,an dress code one of those short pleated mini skirts,

    15 pound bowling ball, and I do wear a "skort" most of the time. Even in winter, jeans are sometimes too warm for me. One guy I bowl with wears a wool beanie because he hates being cold. I have a couple "souvenir" shirts from different tournaments and a great shirt I got at a thrift store that is screaming "60's old lady shirt" but always gets a compliment. I'd like to get an official shirt with my name embroidered on the back...someday!

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