Should he be treated leniently

    A British soldier has recently been found guilty of murder for shooting dead a wounded taliban member in Afganistan, he and his mates had been taunted by the taliban having lost some of their mates who's bpdy parts the taliban had hung in the trees. Unfortunatley some of what happened next was filmed by the soldiers themselves. Yes they shot the wounded taliban, which yes they shouldn't have done according to the Geneva convention, but should we really treat them as murderers or be more lenient. What do you think.

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    I suppose if the guy hadn't been wounded and the soldier shot him he'd probably be getting a medal now, IMO these soldiers are fighting an insurgent war over there and if the Taliban have no respect for the "Geneva convention" then it makes the situation even worse. Unfortunately these soldiers filmed this then posted it on social media sites, public opinion is divided on this issue, personally I'm on the soldiers side but on the other hand, two wrongs don't make a right, I've no doubt he will get time for this but not as much as the normal pre-meditated murders.

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